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My Thoughts Exactly THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERShortlisted for the Specsavers National Book AwardsUnflinching, unputdownable Guardian Witty, dark, devastating Caitlin Moran An amazing read Brutally honest Matt Haig I love it Jon Ronson So, this is me Lily AllenI am a womanI am a motherI was a wifeI drinkI have taken drugsI have loved and been let downI am a success and a failureI am a songwriterI am a singerI am all these things andWhen women share their stories, loudly and clearly and honestly, things begin to change for the betterThis is my story

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts Exactly

  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    As far as celebrity memoirs go you really get your moneys worth here I believe if your going to write a tell all memoir you might as well tell the truth and nothing but the truth and this is what Lily Allen does Her life is a series of big fuck ups and she owns them all, she

  2. Carly Findlay Carly Findlay says:

    I read Lily Allen s book My Thoughts Exactly after work today A quick read but not an easy one It s about fame, excess, breakups and breakdowns Love and mothering Making mistakes and owning mistakes Addiction and sobriety Bad sex and good sex Anger and mental illness Body image A

  3. Monica Monica says:

    Not my usual read Thought this was going to beof a gossipy celebrity memoir but Lily Allen tells a very personal story Especially enjoyed hearing about how she wrote her first song and she has some worthwhile things to say about the way women are treated in our society, not just the m

  4. Emily B Emily B says:

    I listened to the audiobook of this which was read by Lily Allen herself This was a big reason why I chose to listen to it as I probably wouldn t have read it if I had a physical copy I found it pretty easy to listen to and I appreciated how honest Lily is throughout There are lots of part

  5. Becky Becky says:

    This book is depressing Whilst I can t help but admit I buy into the culture of celebrity As a teen I liked Lily, I bought her first single, queued at New Look to buy her clothing range, I watched her BBC3 show, her show about LucyinDisguise I switched off when she began taking politics into he

  6. Alice-Elizabeth (marriedtobooks) Alice-Elizabeth (marriedtobooks) says:

    Listened to on audiobook via BorrowBox Lily Allen narrates her memoir herself and honestly, that was something that kept me listening She certainly didn t hold back from sharing her life memories and honest thoughts about family life, marriage, divorce and the music industry I grew up listening to m

  7. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    What a read this book was I ve read many autobiographies over the years and this is by far one of the most honest and brutal that I ve read I wouldn t say I was a Lily Allen fan , though in 2009 I did love It s Not Me, It s You and I certainly haven t followed her life with any interest and so My Thought

  8. Emmkay Emmkay says:

    Lily Allen observes that she s rather young to write a memoir in he traditional sense She s had a lot to work out, and the first part of this book in particular suffers from being essentially a vehicle to impart what she s worked out about her life despite having some advantages in terms of money and connecti

  9. Kristy Kristy says:

    Unlike a lot of celebrities or the rest of us, really , Lily Allen is completely honest and open about her failures and shortcomings In her memoir, she sets straight a lot of the misconceptions about her, while owning up to the times when she acted like a complete twat too Allen has gone through some tough experie

  10. Francesca Francesca says:

    Read it for book club Writing style is very simple This happened, then this happened She repeats herself a lot Also can t seem to take responsibility for her own actions Don t really get why it s a best seller

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