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This Is How We Pray: Discovering a Life of Intimate Friendship with God Prayer is about relationship And important, it s about friendship with God THIS IS HOW WE PRAY departs from other works on prayer in that it does not overwhelm the reader with technical knowledge, nor does it prescribe particular devotional practices Instead, this book offers a unique and needed perspective on prayer, inviting you into a intimate friendship with GodThrough personal anecdotes, biblical stories, ancient wisdom, and modern insights from spiritual writers, interior designers, and even cooking documentaries, this book looks at how we feel when we try to connect to God through prayer And how these feelings can direct us towards a intimate and satisfying life of prayerGod meets us where we are, in the midst of our everyday feelings, struggles, and weaknesses THIS IS HOW WE PRAY is an invitation to experience fuller communion with Him peace, serenity, and assurance through your prayers

10 thoughts on “This Is How We Pray: Discovering a Life of Intimate Friendship with God

  1. Dita Dita says:

    Prayer is hard because it requires us to come to terms with our own fractured hearts Our own paradoxes Our own contradictions We want to be spiritual but we also want to sleep in This book is utterly relatable while being incredibly beautiful and positive It has practical advice and is full of anecdotal evidence that prayer can be complicated for even those most determined

  2. Monica Monica says:

    Prayer remains elusive to so many of us and I think many of us wonder if God is hearing us Adam Dressler s new book, This is How We Pray, addresses so many struggles that Christians have with prayer.This is How We Pray is divided into 15 chapters relating to prayer and God Chapters address building a sort of friendship in praying with God, addressing the guilt that is often in o

  3. Dawn Wells Dawn Wells says:

    Wow, a beautifully written book of how to talk to God as your friend Talking with God your friend as a confidante and not be intimidated Easy to understand and relate as an everyday relationship develops and grows through friendship.

  4. Josh Josh says:

    Adam s writing captured me his description of the many personal struggles that we all let affect our prayer life and or the intimate relationship God desires with his creation is spot on Personally, God used this book to highlight the need to become the kind of person who can see God in every distraction the need to have a heart that yields to God as a King, instead of wanting to be it s ow

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    An excellent book, beautifully written and edited The author tells his own story, highly relatable to young parents He speaks of the challenges of Christian living while raising small children and dealing with 21st century life Better yet, Dressler slips in an introduction to many of the major Christian theologians and writers, from antiquity to the present Augustine to C.S Lewis to Anne Lamott T

  6. Zachary Houle Zachary Houle says:

    Author Adam Dressler will be the first person to let you know that his book This Is How We Pray is not really a How To Guide on how to pray He offers the reminder many times throughout his long but absorbing book No, This Is How We Pray isof a meditation on prayer It s a book about why prayer is good when you re hurting, why prayer is good when you seek forgiveness, why prayer is good in a myriad of ot

  7. Dave Weiss Dave Weiss says:

    This is one of those books I received from the publisher for free in exchange for review, but to be honest, I would have been glad to have paid full price for it, and am really grateful to have found it The reason is simple I have read quite a few books on prayer and they have always sort of left me either wanting or feeling inadequate They either offered one size fits all formulas that didn t quite fit, or

  8. Joan Joan says:

    This book is unlike any other I have read on prayer Dressler writes about his experiences of prayer and his thoughts about them He adds insights from the Bible and books he has read I would describe this book as thoughts on a philosophy of prayer It is not a how to book but I have learnedabout prayer from it than many others I have read This book has made me think about prayer, the why and how of doing it I was su

  9. Tara Tara says:

    In Adam Dressler s introduction to This is How We Pray, he says If you re like me, prayer is something you both long to experience in a deeper way and, at the same time, ironically avoid because most of the time it just seems so hard Because it s in prayer that we encounter not only this grand, all powerful God, but also our frail, broken selvesHis goal is to write to those who have struggled to find a life of prayer th

  10. Mel Mel says:

    his Is How We Pray explores how we can initiate and grow a relationship with God through prayer Adam Dressler writes about how prayer brings us into a friendship relationship with God Prayer allows us to be truly ourselves with God and allowing God to further our relationship with him Mr Dressler also explores the ways in which we may feel unable to communicate with God such as guilt, and distraction Mr Dressler also explores

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