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Cluster With unsettling beauty and a quiet magic, award winning poet Souvankham Thammavongsa s Cluster will awe and amazeT LOWTHER MEMORIAL AWARD FINALISTAcclaimed poet Souvankham Thammavongsa returns with her fourth collection, a book about meaning Meaning can sometimes blow up, crack something we had not seen, or darken what had been seen so clear to us Meaning can happen with so little and go on to take so much from us Meaning can sometimes take a long time to arrive, years even, if ever And it s possible meaning does not mean, and that in itself could be meaningful Whatever happens to meaning, it is always there It means even when you don t want it Every poem in this book looks at meaning and the ways in which it arrives, if at all

10 thoughts on “Cluster

  1. Anna (lion_reads) Anna (lion_reads) says:

    Thammavongsa s words are magic These poems are nostalgic, political and all around lovely I love the way she uses simple, unadorned language to create surprising new perspectives on the everyday I found something to relate to in every one of these poems.

  2. Margaryta Margaryta says:

    I often feel conflicted about poetry withexperimental formatting or with sparser language, especially if the poem is about a particular moment event object I think it s the straightforwardness of these poems that I found a bit unsettling There was no corner in which to hide, nothing to linger over for too long Thammavongsa guides the reader through each poem smoo

  3. Andrea Watson Andrea Watson says:

    I learned about this Toronto based poet when I picked up her Small Arguments book in a free library in my neighbourhood When I saw she had a new book out I knew her style would be good on a day when I needed some beauty This book gives us glimpses into moments and memories of life as a child in family, and reflects on how perception changes with distance from the see

  4. Poppy Fitzgerald-Clark Poppy Fitzgerald-Clark says:

    some fantastic pieces, some okay pieces.

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