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The Municipalists A novel about an unlikely pair of lonely outsiders one human, one AI on an adventure to save the great American city of Metropolis written by one of the most exciting new voices in fiction Charles Yu Named one of the best books of the month by Library Journal Debut of the Month , The Verge , io ,Books , Book of the Month Club, VolBrooklyn , NYLON,and Tor In Metropolis, the gleaming city of tomorrow, the dream of the great American city has been achieved But all that is about to change, unless a neurotic, rule following bureaucrat and an irreverent, freewheeling artificial intelligence can save the city from a mysterious terrorist plot that threatens its very existenceHenry Thompson has dedicated his life to improving America s infrastructure as a proud employee of the United States Municipal Survey So when the agency comes under attack, he dutifully accepts his unexpected mission to visit Metropolis looking for answers But his plans to investigate quietly, quickly, and carefully are interrupted by his new partner a day drinking know it all named OWEN, who also turns out to be the projected embodiment of the agency s supercomputer Soon, Henry and OWEN are fighting to save not only their own lives and those of the city s millions of inhabitants, but also the soul of Metropolis The Municipalists is a thrilling, funny, and touching adventure story, a tour de force of imagination that trenchantly explores our relationships to the cities around us and the technologies guiding us into the future A new and irreverent take on both real world politics and sci fi history The Wall Street Journal

10 thoughts on “The Municipalists

  1. Book of the Month Book of the Month says:

    Why I love itby Siobhan JonesA civil servant and a supercomputer team up to stop terrorists A Dark Matter esque take on the life and death of great cities A touching and funny story about an unlikely friendship I ve been trying, for w

  2. Petergiaquinta Petergiaquinta says:

    The Municipalists isn t a bad book it s actually a lot of fun But it s not a particularly good book either, a first novel from author Seth Fried which is both too thin and too reliant on exposition from its overly talkative and sociall

  3. Courtney Courtney says:

    I picked this for my March Book of the Month box, and if I get anything less than Hermes and Bender save the day I m going to be very disappointed.EDIT So, not quite Bender and Hermes, but not disappointing Quite enjoyable, and very fun

  4. Marthine Marthine says:

    A fun, breezy adventure book in which straight laced suits set on upholding the current world order are battling armed rebels who see the destruction of civilization in the most complex city in the US, Metropolis, as the only way to redi

  5. The Captain The Captain says:

    Ahoy there me mateys This was Seth Fried s debut novel and I picked it up because it deals with an AI and a mission in the greatest city in the United States This book was worth reading for the relationship between the protagonist, Henry

  6. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    So far, not so good I don t like the MC, the setup world building isn t plausible enough to keep my interest, and the antic holographic AI is, well, weird The bureaucrats in Metropolis have turned thuggish OK, there is invention here, but

  7. Liz Liz says:

    For me this was a really fun book It had a novel concept with some really interesting characters I loved the role reversal of the staid, boring human and the flippant, unrestrained OWEN The story was multi dimensional with humor, pathos and

  8. Bill Hsu Bill Hsu says:

    If you re concerned about yet another tech thriller with an AI character, so am I But this is mostly smart and funny, and good light entertainment, quite different from my memories of The Great Frustration There are somewhat lengthy digressi

  9. Coral Rose Coral Rose says:

    My husband to me as I finally sat down and read this book this weekend You must be pretty excited about that one Me, puzzled, since I half started it three weeks ago What do you mean Him It s a male author I know you don t read those unless y

  10. Evy Evy says:

    I thought this book was great It s hard to classify this book as one single genre because it has elements of political fiction, science fiction, and dystopias The fictional world built in this novel was incredibly well developed and explained

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