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Possessed by Memory: The Inward Light of Criticism In arguably his most personal and lasting book, America s most daringly original and controversial critic gives us brief, luminous readings of than eighty texts by canonical authors texts he has had by heart since childhoodGone are the polemics Here, instead, in a memoir of sorts an inward journey from childhood to ninety Bloom argues elegiacally with nobody but Bloom, interested only in the influence of the mind upon itself when it absorbs the highest and most enduring imaginative literature He offers than eighty meditations on poems and prose that have haunted him since childhood and which he has possessed by memory from the Psalms and Ecclesiastes to Shakespeare and Dr Johnson Spenser and Milton to Wordsworth and Keats Whitman and Browning to Joyce and Proust Tolstoy and Yeats to Del Schwartz and Amy Clampitt Blake to Wallace Stevens and so much And though he has written before about some of these authors, these exegeses, written in the winter of his life, are movingly informed by the freshness of last things As Bloom writes movingly One of my concerns throughout Possessed by Memory is with the beloved dead Most of my good friends in my generation have departed Their voices are still in my ears I find that they are woven into what I read I listen not only for their voices but also for the voice I heard before the world was made My other concern is religious, in the widest sense For me poetry and spirituality fuse as a single entity All my long life I have sought to isolate poetic knowledge This also involves a knowledge of God and gods I see imaginative literature as a kind of theurgy in which the divine is summoned, maintained, and augmented

About the Author: Harold Bloom

Harold Bloom was an American literary critic and the Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University Since the publication of his first book in 1959, Bloom has writtenthan forty books of literary criticism, several books discussing religion, and one novel He edited hundreds of anthologies.

10 thoughts on “Possessed by Memory: The Inward Light of Criticism

  1. Krista Krista says:

    This book is reverie and not argument My title is the book in a single phrase What is it to be possessed by memory How does possession differ in these to possess dead or lost friends and lovers, or to possess poetry and heightened prose by memoryNearing ninety, legendary critic Harold Bloom has assembled in Possessed by Memory a sort of memoir out of his favourite poems alongside passages from the Old Testament and Shakespe

  2. John John says:

    My introduction to Harold Bloom was his Anxiety of Influence, which I read over 30 years ago I still have my original hardcover, though it is not a reference booklike something to hang onto because you found it intriguing like a colorful shell on the beach.Although I enjoyed Possessed By Memory for the most part, I must say that much of what he has written in it has been written before by him It s repetitive, unfortunately, if

  3. Yazan Yazan says:

    bardolatorAlfred A Knopf 2019Possessed by Memory 1998 2003 2005 2011 2011theurgy

  4. Kevin Yee Kevin Yee says:

    Beautiful A personal work filled with final observations of a lifetime of reading I learned a lot from Bloom s influences and works that hold a special place for him, I found the recollection of his memories that tie works to specific moments very moving.

  5. Vishvapani Vishvapani says:

    This is a moving book to read some six months after Bloom s death, not because what he writes is new but because its elegiac cast I would have enjoyed astraightforward memoir of Bloom s inner intellectual and spiritual development, but his reflections on religion, inwardness and all the associated values are always mediated they are always reflections on texts, and it is no different here, where s final book, at the age of 88 is a r

  6. Weronika Weronika says:

    I remember walking into a bookstore last April and seeing this heavy book displayed on the countertop Dear God, the guy is still alive , I said to the bookstore s owner It must be a posthumous volume I did not buy the book then, it overwhelmed me But just a couple of days later, I dutifully trotted back to the same place and splurged on this sizeable tome by a writer who was still alive at that time, but would soon be gone.He might ha

  7. Frederick Gault Frederick Gault says:

    Normally I love his insight s but not this time This isa reflection on me than the author.

  8. Eric Willeforde Eric Willeforde says:

    A memoir in the form of commentary on great classic poems and contemporary poems by people Bloom knew I wish he did this for novelists too but this is quite good.

  9. Haifa Haifa says:

    Eurocentric literariness at its best.

  10. Kent Winward Kent Winward says:

    Bloom in his late 80s musing on poetry He is at his best with Shakespeare.

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