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Mamas Last Hug New York Times Best Selling Author And Primatologist Frans De Waal Explores The Fascinating World Of Animal And Human Emotions.Frans De Waal Has Spent Four Decades At The Forefront Of Animal Research Following Up On The Best Selling Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are , Which Investigated Animal Intelligence, Mama S Last Hug Delivers A Fascinating Exploration Of The Rich Emotional Lives Of Animals.Mama S Last Hug Begins With The Death Of Mama, A Chimpanzee Matriarch Who Formed A Deep Bond With Biologist Jan Van Hooff When Mama Was Dying, Van Hooff Took The Unusual Step Of Visiting Her In Her Night Cage For A Last Hug Their Goodbyes Were Filmed And Went Viral Millions Of People Were Deeply Moved By The Way Mama Embraced The Professor, Welcoming Him With A Big Smile While Reassuring Him By Patting His Neck, In A Gesture Often Considered Typically Human But That Is In Fact Common To All Primates This Story And Others Like It Form The Core Of De Waal S Argument, Showing That Humans Are Not The Only Species With The Capacity For Love, Hate, Fear, Shame, Guilt, Joy, Disgust, And Empathy.De Waal Discusses Facial Expressions, The Emotions Behind Human Politics, The Illusion Of Free Will, Animal Sentience, And, Of Course, Mama S Life And Death The Message Is One Of Continuity Between Us And Other Species, Such As The Radical Proposal That Emotions Are Like Organs We Don T Have A Single Organ That Other Animals Don T Have, And The Same Is True For Our Emotions Mama S Last Hug Opens Our Hearts And Minds To The Many Ways In Which Humans And Other Animals Are Connected, Transforming How We View The Living World Around Us.

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  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    As a student, realizing that my biology books were of little help explaining chimpanzee behavior, I picked up a copy of Machiavelli s The Prince It offered an insightful, unadorned account of human behavior based on real life observations of the Borgias, the Medici, and the popes The book put me in the right frame of mind to write about ape politics at the zoo We know our own inner states imperfectly and often mi

  2. Arianna Arianna says:

    Frans de Waal s latest book, Mama s Last Hug Animal and Human Emotions, is a survey of various emotions what they are, when they arise, and how they are identified in both animals and humans Each chapter covers a different set of emotions or concepts related to them, such as emotional intelligence and sentience, described with a plentiful assortment of de Waal s firsthand anecdotes from his decades studying primates

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    Frans DeWaal is a primatologist who has studied animal emotions for decades This fascinating book explores the rich emotional lives of animals Relating observations and laboratory experiments we are told of emotions found not only in primates, but rats, moles, and fish Due to a lack of language in these groups at least a language humans understand , science has been skeptical about the existence of emotions They can t tell us when t

  4. Eyüp Tayşir Eyüp Tayşir says:

    Orhan Pamuk ve Javier Marias n yeni roman n nas l bekliyorsam De Waal in yeni kitab n da ayn heyecanla bekliyorum Metis bug ne kadar 3 kitab dilimize kazand rd diye biliyorum Umar m bu da k sa bir s re i erisinde evrilir A a da uzun bir review var ama baz uyar lar ba tan yapay m da kimse k zmas n Yaz uzun oldu u i in ben ne dedi ime odaklan rken bunu nas l s yledi ime ok zenmedim yani konu tu um gibi yazd m Baz yerlerde plaza al an gibi akade

  5. Rama Rama says:

    Animal Emotions Early ethologists studied animal behavior to understand a shared motivation Their experimental setup was elegant and objective, but the underlying motivation for animal behavior was ignored For example, fear and anger, and the animal reactions to it were carefully examined and conclusions were drawn The prevailing assumption in these studies were that animals had instincts that gave inborn actions triggered by a situation Behavioral bio

  6. Linda Robinson Linda Robinson says:

    Educational, entertaining, enlightening, evidentiary de Waal is devoted to his subject both intellectually and emotionally, and once you ve read the book, you might believe as I do that that s the same fidelity It took me all of the book to grasp that emotions are not feelings, and it s taken the behaviorist, psychologist, biologist schools decades to sort it as well We and this we perhaps has an arrow pointed at American studies for the perpetuation of this mis

  7. Kusaimamekirai Kusaimamekirai says:

    I recently went to the zoo at the behest of a friend of mine I hadn t been to a proper zoo since I was a child and was reminded why I hadn t been in such a long time Animals in small enclosures, appearing listless with nothing to stimulate them, was for me the opposite of entertaining It was profoundly moving but not perhaps in the sense that my acquaintance might have wished Particularly disturbing to me was seeing the macaques, gorillas, chimpanzees, and other primates

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway What a wonderful book I enjoyed it and would highly recommend it

  9. Nancy Mills Nancy Mills says:

    I loved this book, although I found it very similar to another of Frans de Waal s books, Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are , which deals with animal intelligence while this one deals with emotions As the author points out, the two are intertwined Apparently the fact that other animals have feelings and emotions very similar to our own comes as a surprise to many people, including scientists I, like the author, think it s obvious that they do, as would anyone who had any kind

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