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The Little Red Stroller Very sweet Really liked the range of places, activities and people excellent variety blended with soothing repetition for a read aloud Also a satisfying story not too long while also not missing anything. I loved this It s a little too long for a storytime though I loved the different representations of family, parenting, identity, and life Each child and their family takes the stroller to unique places that tell us about their lives I love how the path they take the stroller on is illustrated with colorful dots Each picture is filled with so much detail I also love how it is the child in each scenario that is offering to pass on the stroller to the next person who needs it, it is really kid focused in the need giving of the stroller The sequence where the stroller is personified as having gone on adventures and is now tired is really cute too I love that it came full circle So sweet A great way to portray numerous concepts such as families, identity, adventure places, and sharing generosity. One handy little stroller is passed from family to family in this uplifting picture book celebration of community, diversity, and sharingWhen Luna is born, her mommy gives her a little red stroller It accompanies her and her mommy through all the activities of their day, until she outgrows the stroller and is able to pass it down to a toddler in her neighborhood who now needs it And so the stroller lives on, getting passed from one child to the next, highlighting for preschool readers the diversity of families some kids with two mommies, some with two daddies, some with just one parent, and all from different cultures and ethnicities This simple, cheerful book is a lovely portrait of the variety and universality of family. A story of community. A circle story Luna starts with the little red stroller and then when she out grows it she passes it along The story continues as family upon family use the red stroller Finally the little red stroller breaks and a new yellow stroller is introduced By this time Luna is old enough to have her own baby and the little yellow stroller is passed to her Diverse characters fill the pages and the illustrations are warm and fun. This is a beautiful book about sharing amongst friends and neighbors The pictures depict a variety of diverse family structures, including single parents and LGBT parents, and parents and children of many ethnicities going on little trips around town and special trips to the beach and the farm Kids will be able to find themselves and their families and friends in this book, which is a pleasure to read aloud Highly recommend To me this book was too in your face about being inclusive The illustrations didn t show a good job of the stroller aging There could have been some tears repairs soiling made to the stroller Also, at the end, did they just leave the red stroller at the steps of the museum I did like how the story came full circle. A very cute book about a red stroller that gets passed along between different families in the community when their little ones outgrow it I really liked the diverse representation of families of many different cultural backgrounds The pictures are a little small so it would make a better one on one book for younger elementary children. Lovely While this simple, repetitive tale of kids generously passing along their outgrown stroller to other, younger kids goes on almost too long, many kids will enjoy the predictable nature of the story and seeing the variations in the different families and the adventures they each take the stroller on While the pictures depict many kinds of families, I was struck given how long the book is that differently abled people and fat people were pretty much absent from its pages.

About the Author: Joshua Furst

Joshua Furst s critically acclaimed book of stories, Short People, was described by the Miami Herald as a near magical collection The Los Angeles Times called it Startling a thoughtful if disturbing portrait of what it means to be a child Or, to the point, what it means to be human And the Times of London said Any one of these stories is enough to break your heart Joshua

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