[ download eBook ] Cybernetic Modeling for Bioreaction Engineering Author Doraiswami Ramkrishna – Vansonphu.com

Cybernetic Modeling for Bioreaction Engineering Uniquely focusing on dynamic modeling, this volume incorporates metabolic regulation as a survival mechanism for cells, by driving metabolism through optimal investment of its resources for control of enzyme synthesis and activity Consequently, the models have a proven record of describing various uptake patterns of mixed carbon substrates that have become significant in modern applications of biomass for the production of bioenergy The models accurately describe dynamic behavior of microbes in nutrient environments with mixtures of complementary substrates, such as carbon and nitrogen Modeling of large metabolic networks including prospects for extension to genome scale is enabled by lumped hybrid cybernetic models with an unparalleled capacity to predict dynamic behavior of knockout strains This is an invaluable, must have reference for bio researchers and practicing engineers.

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