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The Sisters Twelve years ago, Glory abandoned her two daughters four year old Ruby and baby Aurora at a fire station, running off to a man who promised love and protection Though the refuge she hoped for turned out to be a sham, she believes Ruby and Aurora are better off without her But Glory has since given birth to another daughter, who s clamoring for a life beyond their close knit, tightly controlled worldSixteen year old Ruby loves her adoptive parents, but she hasn t forgotten Glory Now that she has her driver s license, Ruby sets out in search of her birth mother What she finds is a ramshackle house of castaway women, referred to as sisters, ruled over by a charismatic bully who monitors their every moveGlory would take ten year old Luna away in a heartbeat if they had somewhere to go On good days, the girl is confined to the fenced in yard on bad days, she s sent to the dusty attic as punishment When Ruby makes contact, Glory seizes on a chance for escape Ruby is desperate to help, but how much does she owe to family she barely knows and how can she fix someone else s life when she has so little power over her own Praise for Rosalind Noonan s Domestic Secrets This suspenseful read is Noonan at her best Fans will be eager to get their hands on her latest, and it doesn t disappoint Booklist Noonan delivers another page turning thriller whose deeply flawed characters draw you into a web of family secrets Kirkus Reviews Recommended for readers wanting stories of dysfunctional families, scandal, and violence that involve entire communities Library Journal

About the Author: Rosalind Noonan

ROSALIND NOONAN grew up in suburban Maryland and enjoyed being part of a large family With my four siblings, Saturday mornings were a blast, she says There was festival seating on the living room floor as we devoured cartoons and passed the Sugar Pops She caught the writing bug in second grade when she won first place in a poetry contest The prize was twenty dollars, she recalls That was big bucks for a second grader I thought I was going to Disneyland Wooed by the taste of fame and fortune, she kept writing.After attending Wagner College in Staten Island, she remained in New York City where she worked as an editor for various book publishers Noonan currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, a retired cop from the NYPD, and two children Although she sometimes misses the rapid pulse of New York, she enjoys writing in the shade of towering two hundred year old Douglas fir trees.

10 thoughts on “The Sisters

  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    The Sisters by Rosalind Noonan is another of those titles that doesn t exactly fit in a cookie cutter genre mold This isn t a thriller as you know exactly who is who and what is going on in the story but it s muchthan just a contemporary with some suspense and drama in the mix It is one though that needs

  2. ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ says:

    Your next mothershe s a lucky woman This was so different from the type of book I normally read Deftly written, Rosalind Noonan draws you in from the beginning, and once you re in it is difficult to put down I read over half the book in one night, finishing it with tears in my eyes The writing was so vivid and the

  3. Betül Betül says:

    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review I usually don t read these type of books, however the blurb intrigued me enough to give it a try The first part of this book was very emotional and difficult to read Glory abandoning her children, which is one of the most difficult decisions any mother can make in her life, was

  4. Shalini Shalini says:

    This was a difficult book for me to read I struggled with the parts where the mother abandoned her children to be with a man The story then followed their lives Told in different points of view, the story had me read it at a fast speed to get to the end I kept crying at some scenes I don t advice reading this book during Christmas.

  5. CloudOfThoughts_Books Keirstin CloudOfThoughts_Books Keirstin says:

    The sisters by author Rosalind Noonan is a gripping and emotional book The opening chapter literally broke my heart and gave me a mind set of how I felt about the mother It s so much deeper than that as the story goes on This touched my heart and had me gripped at the same time Fast paced and solid, the sisters is a true work of literature

  6. Ayla Ayla says:

    Well I must say this story was one you could not put down rather you liked it or not, just needing to find out what happens and how the story unfolds is a must I really did not enjoy the story at the beginning it was super slow and I was angry at the mother I think that if the author started the story a little different then maybe I would have liked

  7. Donna Hines Donna Hines says:

    Twelve years ago Glory made the ultimate decision to walk away.She left behind her two beautiful girls for the sake of love.That love was a scam and crumbled but what ever became of the lost innocence of Ruby and Aurora Ruby is now sixteen and is searching for answers from her birth mom Ten year old Luna needs a loving home and supportive family Could the th

  8. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    Well this was an emotional roller coaster of a read All the feels From the heart wrenching first chapter which left me teary eyed and gutted for Glory, this is a complicated story of life choices Beautifully written Thanks to the author for this early signed copy

  9. Julie Julie says:

    Thank you NetGalley for this ARC It was a tad all over the place It would have beenclear if the times and or people would be written out when changing the chapters It started out with two different couples then just the mom, then the mom and the adoptive family its just got confusing sometimes The story was quite powerful and upsetting Things like this actually happen to chil

  10. Debi Lantzer Debi Lantzer says:

    The cover of this book got me, I won t lie I thought for sure it was a thriller, but instead it turned out to be a little different than a thriller I might say it is suspenseful contemporary drama though.This is the story of a woman and her daughters and the choices she makes and how they will haunt her Glory Noland is a young mother who is just trying to hold it together while her hu

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