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Sixth Grade Secrets From the Newbery award winning author of HolesWhen Laura Sibbie starts a secret club at school, makes the other members them give her something totally embarrassing as insurance, to make sure they don t tell anyone else about the club She promises to keep the insurance secret, unless someone blabs Gabriel, who never tells on anybody, would be a perfect member of Pig Ci

10 thoughts on “Sixth Grade Secrets

  1. Paula Paula says:

    In Sixth Grade Secrets it all started with a hat Laura bought a hat in a yard sale and liked it because it said, Pig City She and her friends decide to make their own club and want to name it Pig City because of the hat Then Gabriel, a boy, knows a little bit about Pig City and wants to be in t

  2. Sara Sara says:

    I remember reading this book as a kid, and all I remembered was the bit about the underpants and the edited note I picked it up at a used bookstore today and finished it in one afternoon.For a book about secret clubs and petty teenagers and mean spirited pranks, this wasn t bad Actually, it was

  3. ABC ABC says:

    Apparently this book is currently out of print I am not sure why It s a great book that my son just loved It s all about a secret club started by a girl who is a born leader Things spiral out of control and by the end of the book, you are on the edge of your seat.Not recommended for kids much you

  4. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    I received this book as a gift when i was a child, around the ages of the kids in this book or a year younger I haven t read this book in a long time, but I still have fond memories of it The story was amusing, and written well, but then, this is Louis Sachar, I enjoyed his book Holes and I read t

  5. Tina Tina says:

    I lost count how many times I had read this book The cover was so worn, it was falling off I forced my younger sister to learn the Pig City salute Good times

  6. Jenna Jakubowski Jenna Jakubowski says:

    The book was super good that I just can t explain how great it is

  7. Kats Kats says:

    First rule of Fight Club is You do not talk about Fight Club Pig City has exactly the same set of rules except they have a mean insurance policy to be able to enforce these rules For a six hour drive from Zurich, Switzerland, to Tuscany Italy , we picked this audio book in the hope that it would appe

  8. Tracey Tracey says:

    One tends to forget how really mean kids could really be to one another What started out as a secret club, ended up escalating with other people getting hurt in the process One thing about Laura she never lied and stood up when someone else was going to get the blame for something she did In the end t

  9. Khalil McMorris Khalil McMorris says:

    This book is called sixth grade secrets It is about a girl named Laura Sibbie who created a secret club called pig city Everyone who joins the club has to give Laura something embarrassing so if they say anything about the club Laura would tell the school the the embarrassing thing It starts to fall ap

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Well when Laura goes to a yard sell with her friends she finds a hat called pig city So then she wore everyday to school Everyone got used to it Then she and her friends want to start a club called pig city because of her hat They made them give insurance that is embarrassing and if they tell anyone abo

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