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The Dark Prince Who says all handsome princes are charmingHunted by the Magikas, Amel seeks refuge on a secluded island But when she meets the prince of Baojang there, she realizes she can t stay in hiding Someone needs to warn the Dominion of the plotted treachery and quickly before her friend Savette is married off to one of them

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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Great teen middle grade seriesDragon school, book 3 continues the story withlessons of friendship, growing up, dragons, and coming of age with our characters from the other books Nice series, great dragons

  2. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    Dragon School The Dark Prince is the third instalment of Sarah K.L Wilson s Dragon school series, and if I m completely honest it is my least favourite thus far Dragon School First Flight and Dragon School Initiate were both wonderful stories, ones that pulled me in and left me wantingWhile I did enjoy Dragon School The Dark Prince, I feel as though it was not

  3. *❆ Kαɾҽɳ ❆* *❆ Kαɾҽɳ ❆* says:

    What an awesome read I loved this story, even if it did feel muchshorter than the rest, I loved it What I love about these sequels is that they follow up just where we left off Amel and Leng have escaped the Magikas and Starie, just But they are exhausted and Leng is still feverish There isn t much for Amel to do but when they land on an island and meet the Dar

  4. Courtney Courtney says:

    Hunted by Majika s, Amel, Leng, Roalcan and Ahlskibi have been thrown off course They seek refuge on a secluded island to gather their bearings and figure out their next steps Though Leng is still in terrible condition, Amel meets the Prince of Baojang, and he offers Amel help for her friend, in exchange for some information on his future bride However, not all

  5. Jodie "Bookish" Cook Jodie "Bookish" Cook says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Book ReviewTitle The Dark Prince Dragon School 3 Author Sarah K L WilsonGenre YA FantasyRating Review After the dramatic ending of Initiate I couldn t wait to jump back into the Dark Prince as it introduces one of my favourite characters in the series Leng hasn t got much better from

  6. Bill Tillman Bill Tillman says:

    Hunted by the Magikas, Amel seeks shelter from a storm on a secluded island She meets the prince of Baojang there, she realizes she can t stay in hiding Amelia needs to warn her friend Savette, before she is married off to the prince.

  7. Alli Alli says:

    3 starsMeh I really don t like short stories so reading these books is annoying to me Because they re so short there s no character or world building and I don t feel like I relate anything in this world I think I m going to stop here.

  8. Marjolein Marjolein says:

    It s getting boring with the 5 star reviews on this series, but I just really love it, ok I really love the way Amel is growing into herself, finding out she s not just a burden because of her disability, but that she s worth something, that her bond with Raolcan works really well and that she s capable of doing and achieving things and that she s not afraid any to

  9. Sabrina Wannet Sabrina Wannet says:

    Amazing how this story is written in such short books.I love the way they tell there things by head and eyes

  10. Angie ☯ Angie ☯ says:

    The Dark Prince is the third book in the Dragon school series, sadly, it is my least favorite of the three First Flight and Initiate were both great stories full of action and they pulled me in right away However, this book does move the story forward We learnabout the world and the characters Once again, we are left with a cliff hanger Amel is out of her element in t

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