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The Third Reich at War The final volume in Richard J Evans s masterly trilogy on the history of Nazi Germany traces the rise and fall of German military might, the mobilization of a people s community to serve a war of conquest, and Hitler s campaign of racial subjugation and genocide Already hailed as a masterpiece William Grimes in The New York Times and the most comprehensive history of the Third Reich Ian Kershaw , this epic trilogy reaches its terrifying climax in this volumeEvans interweaves a broad narrative of the war s progress with viscerally affecting personal testimony from a wide range of people from generals to front line soldiers, from Hitler Youth activists to middle class housewives The Third Reich at War lays bare the dynamics of a nation deeply immersed in war than any society before or since Fresh insights into the conflict s great events are here, from the invasion of Poland to the Battle of Stalingrad to Hitler s suicide in the bunker But just as important is the re creation of the daily experience of ordinary Germans in wartime, staggering under pressure from Allied bombing and their own government s mounting demands upon them At the center of the book is the Nazi extermination of Europe s Jews, set in the context of Hitler s genocidal plans for the racial restructuring of EuropeBlending narrative, description and analysis, The Third Reich at War creates an engrossing picture at once sweeping and precise of a society rushing headlong to self destruction and taking much of Europe with it It is the culmination of a historical masterwork that will remain the most authoritative work on Nazi Germany for years to come

About the Author: Richard J. Evans

He was born in London, of Welsh parentage, and is now Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of Gonville Caius College Evans has also taught at the University of Stirling, University of East Anglia and Birkbeck College, London Having been a Visiting Professor in History at Gresham College during 2008 09, he is now the Gresham Professor of Rhetoric.He was educated at Forest School Walthamstow , Jesus College, Oxford, and St Antony s College, Oxford In a 2004 interview, Evans has stated that during frequent visits to Wales during his childhood inspired both an interest in history and a sense of otherness.

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  1. Arghya Dutta Arghya Dutta says:

    Finally I have finished reading this 3 volume tome on the history of Germany during the period of 1933 to 1945 on yesterday.The first volume The Coming of the Third Reich deals with the coming in power of the Nazi party, the second volume The Third Reich in Power is about the interesting social, political and many other dimensions of German life under the Nazi rule and, finally, the third volume describes the expansion

  2. Lewis Weinstein Lewis Weinstein says:

    This is too much of an overview to suit my need for detail The selection of which items to include is sometimes surprising.

  3. Loring Wirbel Loring Wirbel says:

    The final book in Evans Third Reich trilogy was bound to be the most crisply written, if only because the subject matter demanded it With a long and complex war to cover in less than 800 pages, the author simply didn t have the time to expand into realms that occasionally bogged down the first two books Evans makes clear in the introduction that this is not a book about the war itself, nor about the Holocaust That is parti

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    The Third Reich at War 1939 1945, by Richard J Evans, is the final book in The History of the Third Reich trilogy, and an excellent conclusion to the series Evans has written a magnum opus on the Nazi s rise to power The Coming of the Third Reich , their rule The Third Reich in Power , and finally, the world war they initiated, and eventually lost this title The Third Reich at War examines the Nazi s opening of the Second Wo

  5. AC AC says:

    Of the three volumes, I think the first remains in all aspects the best But the whole trilogy is excellent and a sound corrective to Kershaw It is the best and most judicious survey of the whole topic in English that I am aware of That said, it is a long trilogy, and it is nice to have it behind me rather than before me This book, as expected, is excellent and marks the entire trilogy as a valuable achievement Evans is best wh

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    Three thick volumes is the new minimum for a survey of Nazi Germany geared toward the general reader The final installment of this series seamlessly continues the story to its conclusion, which is welcome indeed Being steeped in Nazi history for the duration of three long books is a fatiguing exercise in misery one can only imagine what it must have been like to actually live or die amongst the carnage of such a hideous moral va

  7. Themistocles Themistocles says:

    After Evans two first books in the trilogy, this came as a disappointment I had very high expectations to read about the conditions in the Third Reich during war, learn something new about the social, economical, political etc process that took place during the war years Instead I got a mash up of various topics that totally lack focus and do not add much to the historiography of the third reich.The first 400 pages, for instance,

  8. Patrick Cook Patrick Cook says:

    Sir Richard Evans is the leading Anglophone proponent of a certain school of history This might be termed neo empiricism or neo Rankeanism He has famously defended his approach, in somewhat curmudgeonly fashion, in his book In Defence of History , which is widely assigned to first year undergraduates in history departments throughout the Anglophone world and perhaps beyond Suffice it to say that, as an academic historian of a rather

  9. Charles J Charles J says:

    When reading this book, the third volume of Richard Evans s massive study of the Third Reich, scenes from the TV show The Man in the High Castle kept flashing before my eyes That show based on a Philip K Dick book posits a Nazi victory in World War II, and depicts how the postwar Greater German Reich affects the people who live under it The problem with Evans s book is that it fails to paint such scenes for the actual Third Reich Rath

  10. Boudewijn Boudewijn says:

    This book is in the words of the writer about the Germans and Germany, not about the Second World War Having read a lot of books about the Second World war, I have found it very refreshing and interesting It covers a lot of topics that are usually not touched upon in a book about this area It handles the German conquests, the treatment of the Jews and other minorites by the Nazi s, every day life for the Germans during the war and econo

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