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Smilodon: The Iconic Sabertooth Few animals spark the imagination as much as the sabertooth cat Smilodon With their incredibly long canines, which hung like fangs past their jaws, these ferocious predators were first encountered by humans when our species entered the Americas We can only imagine what ice age humans felt when they were confronted by a wild cat larger than a Siberian tigerBecause Smilodon skeletons are perennial favorites with museum visitors, researchers have devoted themselves to learning as much as possible about the lives of these massive cats This volume, edited by celebrated academics, brings together a team of experts to provide a comprehensive and contemporary view of all that is known about Smilodon The result is a detailed scientific work that will be invaluable to paleontologists, mammalogists, and serious amateur sabertooth devoteesThe book covers all major aspects of the animal s natural history, evolution, phylogenetic relationships, anatomy, biomechanics, and ecology traces all three Smilodon species across both North and South America brings together original, unpublished research with historical accounts of Smilodon s discovery in nineteenth century BrazilThe definitive reference on these iconic Pleistocene mammals, Smilodon will be cited by researchers for decades to comeContributors John P Babiarz, Wendy J Binder, Charles S Churcher, Larisa R G DeSantis, Robert S Feranec, Therese Flink, James L Knight, Margaret E Lewis, Larry D Martin, H Gregory McDonald, Julie A Meachen, William C H Parr, Ashley R Reynolds Kevin L Seymour, Christopher A Shaw, C S Ware, Lars Werdelin, H Todd Wheeler, Stephen Wroe, M Aleksander Wysocki

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