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David's Discoveries in Ant Land King David s city discovered Ancient site linked toDEAD SEA SCROLLS DISCOVERY TECH REVEALS HIDDEN SCRIPT The discovery could shed new light on the joint kingdom ruled by David and his son Solomon, which is described in the Exciting New Discoveries in the City of David Visitors get to sit in bleachers overlooking different archeological sites and are provided with a visual presentation explaining the history, accompanied by music and sound effects The show takes places in several locations, and this was one of them It was a very deep pit revealing ancient discoveries from different periods and civilizations They were each built on top of the other so by digging deeper in Groundbreaking discovery King David s city was The city, along with other archaeological discoveries, proves the historical accuracy of God s Word and the existence of King David They found a site in Tel Eton, in a valley near the hills of Hebron, Israel, which scholars believe to be the site of the biblical city of Eglon Facebook David Perlmutter Eglon was one of the five cities overrun by Joshua and later listed as part ofGroundbreaking Discovery King David s City Found Scholars believe that the site discovered by Faust and his colleagues is the city of Eglon based on the location and carbon dating The structure found was dated back to the th century which is when, according to the Bible, King David was ruling over God s people , year old seal discovered in City of David The, year old seal discovered in City of David The seal was deciphered by Dr Anat Mendel Geberovich of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Center for the Study of Ancient Jerusalem New discoveries in the City of David RitmeyerThis statement is no longer valid in the light of the new discoveries No plans have been published yet, but parallels with other buildings and the finding of an proto aeolic capital by the late Kathleen Kenyon made it possible for me to have proposed a reconstruction drawing of David s palace some ten years ago Minor details may need to be changed, but I believe that the location of theDiscoveries Davis LocalWiki The E Street location long after Discoveries had moved on Discoveries was founded by three women including Dorothy Briggs in After expanding from its original location, it eventually encompassed all three floors of the building that later housed Pita Pit next to the former Cinema II now Watermelon Music in theblock of E StreetIt remained at this location under BriggsExcavators discover , year old biblical fortress Excavators discover , year old biblical fortress in City of David Archaeologists finish ayear long excavation of the Spring Citadel dating back to the time of Kings David and Solomon

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