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Love Your Neighbour When Marla Jacobs discovers that the vacant shop next to her Little White Wedding Chapel is to become a funeral parlour, she declares all out war on the new proprietor Gabriel RyanWith an army of loyal supporters, she embarks on a campaign to sabotage his reputation and livelihoodBut when she finally meets Gabriel, she realises just how much trouble she s in With his effortless charm and Celtic good looks, Gabriel begins to form alliances with her so called loyal army and, reluctantly, she finds herself falling under his spell And destroying him becomes the last thing on her mind Previously published as Undertaking Love

10 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbour

  1. Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️ Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️ says:

    4 Archangel meets Hollywood Stars This book is turned out to be such a sweet and romantic story It takes place in a quaint English village where everyone knows each other Marla Jacobs owns the quaint Beckleberry Little White Wedding Chapel Jonny is her flamboyantly gay wedding coordinator, celebrant, and dear friend Emily is her dear friend who also works for her The

  2. Julie Julie says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 0 stars really Waste of 99 cents it wasStock characters all over the place Typical redhead who s attracted to the hot guyTypical guy with an accent who s in love with herTypical best friendsTypical gay friend Not one interesting word in the whole book, I couldn t care less if they all died

  3. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    After reading some of the less than positive reviews of this book on Goodreads, I started Undertaking Love with a little trepidation I must have been reading a different book though as I absolutely loved it Undertaking love had the perfect mix of old and young, gay and straight, good and evil, drama and laughs I giggled, cried, shouted and sighed.The secondary characte

  4. Jen O& Jen O& says:

    What a fabulous read this book is, love the way that Kat French can make you see in your mind exactly what she is writing I ve read other reviews saying what a wonderful film this book would make and that is exactly what I thought Kat manages romance, a little bit of steamy action lots of laughter with some fabulous one liners, tears and one of the most beautifully touc

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    This book was a shaky one to review I would end up liking aspects of it and then I would have to force myself to sit and read through others I loved the whole plot idea and I think the bones of this book is amazing, but it dragged on and there were just way too many side stories happening I had to force myself to read the last 20 pages because I felt it was unnecessary a

  6. Dawn ~The Romance Cover Dawn ~The Romance Cover says:

    This andreviews www.theromancecover.com This book has it all I was in a total book funk when I stared this and I couldn t have picked a better book to get me out of it and cheer me up This is like your favourite rom com in a book But at the same time it s so muchKat manages romance, a little bit of steam, lots of laughter with some fabulous one liners and tears I cried, l

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of Undertaking Love from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.If you ve read Knight Play by Kitty French then you ll be familiar with her work This is her debut novel under the pen name Kat French and wow, what a debut it is If you re looking for another Lucien Knight you won t find him but you WILL find Gabriel who s total

  8. Natalie K. Martin Natalie K. Martin says:

    Wedding Chapel goes head to head with Funeral Parlour can almost see the headline in the paper And of course, the arch enemies, Marla Jacobs and Gabe Ryan have a sizzling attraction Sprinkle in a great crew of supporting characters and you have a fab romcom.What I liked Attention to detail was spot on It was the little things the characters did that added depth, and a great

  9. Traci Wallace Traci Wallace says:

    I desperately wanted to love this book, but sadly I just barely liked it I thought the plot sounded funny, light and cute In ways it was, but there was so much cheating in this book it depressed me I don t have a problem with cheating in the books I read if its done right, which here it wasn t With the exception of two of the actual characters this book focused around EVERYO

  10. Deniz Deniz says:

    3.5 StarsFunny, romantic, and dangerously sexy, UNDERTAKING LOVE is a delightful debut from an exciting new voice in Women s fiction QUOTE frome NetgalleyUndertaking Love is in many ways your typical chick lit To be honest I expected it to be a rom com And it does have its funny moments But I wouldn t actually describe it as a rom com The setting and many other factors did re

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