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Unbound An Intimate Portrait Of A New Generation Of Transmasculine Individuals As They Undergo Gender Transitions Award Winning Sociologist Arlene Stein Takes Us Into The Lives Of Four Strangers Who Find Themselves Together In A Sun Drenched Surgeon S Office, Having Traveled To Florida From Across The United States In Order To Masculinize Their Chests Ben, Lucas, Parker, And Nadia Wish To Feel Comfortable In Their Bodies Three Of Them Are Also Taking Testosterone So That Others Recognize Them As Male Following Them Over The Course Of A Year, Stein Shows How Members Of This Young Transgender Generation, Along With Other Gender Dissidents, Are Refashioning Their Identities And Challenging Others Conceptions Of Who They Are During A Time Of Conservative Resurgence, They Do So Despite Great Personal Costs Transgender Men Comprise A Large, Growing Proportion Of The Trans Population, Yet They Remain Largely Invisible In This Powerful, Timely, And Eye Opening Account, Stein Draws From Dozens Of Interviews With Transgender People And Their Friends And Families, As Well As With Activists And Medical And Psychological Experts Unbound Documents The Varied Ways Younger Trans Men See Themselves And How They Are Changing Our Understanding Of What It Means To Be Male And Female In America.

10 thoughts on “Unbound

  1. Wesley Wesley says:

    I don t understand how this book got published If you re an outsider, you shouldn t write about marginalized communities that you have no part in Just because you are a so called social scientist does

  2. James James says:

    The premise is terrific, and hopefully someone will write a book that lives up its potential The execution is at times problematic and perpetuates myths that the FTM community is actively trying to combat

  3. Emerson Curtright Emerson Curtright says:

    Oh, boywhere to start.First of all, I am a transmasc non binary individual I would like to eventually get top surgery and that is why this book piqued my interest The book s premise is that it follows four in

  4. Liaken Liaken says:

    I was excited when I saw this book on the new releases shelf at my local library and immediately checked it out As I started reading, I felt increasingly uncomfortable By the time my spouse came in from watering

  5. Rachel Helm Rachel Helm says:

    I m sure this book is problematic to some, but I thought it was well researched and balanced, and the author acknowledged points of privilege and bias, so that is saying something It is written from the perspective o

  6. Mariah Jensen Mariah Jensen says:

    While this was a good book it s not what I was expecting or what I wanted to read If you are unfamiliar with the history of transgender people and LGBT rights in general this is a very interesting read I already am fairl

  7. Simon Simon says:

    Fucking incredible Are you a transman Get it for anyone in your life who is supportive but clueless Are you a librarian Buy it for your collection.I can t recommend this enough.

  8. Ang Ang says:

    This was fabulous Stein does a great job of combining science and narrative into something that makes you think and feel Just perfectly done Also, totally fascinating.

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    About six years ago I accompanied my 22 year old nephew to Florida for top surgery My role was to be the responsible grownup, just in case of an emergency The surgery and recovery went well, and we needn t have worried At the guest

  10. Paige Paige says:

    I loved the sociologist perspective on 4 non binary trans men and their experiences with top surgery Really well written, case study research, with input from various professionals in different fields.

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