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Scandal with a Sinful Scot You must lock away your heart at all costs Falling in love was the darkest moment of Garrett Wollstonecraft s privileged youth, even as he and Abigail Hughes shared a blissful summer of passionate promise Sworn to keep Abigail safe from the curse plaguing generations of Wollstonecraft men, Garrett sacrificed his future happiness Now, fourteen years after he lost his heart, Abigail reenters his life But the woman who arrives unannounced at his ancestral manor is very different from the sheltered girl Garrett once knew The widow of a country doctor, Abigail can t forgive Garrett for his cruel rejection Yet she can no longer keep the truth from him a secret that could have resulted in her ruin But as the embers of desire reignite, and Abigail and Garrett slowly rebuild trust, a malicious enemy plots against them Is their love strong enough to break free from the sins of the past and to end the tragic cycle that consigns Garrett to a life of loneliness

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  1. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    Scandal with a Sinful Scot by Karyn Gerrard is book Two in the Men of Wollstonecraft Hall This is the story of Garrett Wollstonecraft and Abigail Hughes I have read the previous book but feel this can be a standalone book Abbie and Garrett fell in love at a young age but Garrett ended up wi

  2. Marsha Keeper Bookshelf Marsha Keeper Bookshelf says:

    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfIt s easy and heartbreaking to understand Abbie s reactions when the man she d love forever turned away from her In his view Garrett was saving Abbie from his family s curse, one that always resulted in the death of any man s wife who would dare to challenge the c

  3. Lori D Lori D says:

    A story of second chances and secrets that come to life Garrett Wollstonecraft and Abigail Hughes were young and passionately in love Until Garrett decided he had to break it off to preserve Abbie from the Wollstonecraft curse What you say A lot of unspoken words and youth came into play, so

  4. Cathy Geha Cathy Geha says:

    Scandal with a Wicked Scot by Karyn GerrardMen of Wollstonecraft 2Second chance love story with fourteen years apart sees Abigail meeting up again with her daughter s biological father, finding the chemistry still hot and Garrett s fear of a family curse still believed in I had trouble with th

  5. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    Things I hated about the book Garrett.Things I liked about this book EVERYONE ELSE OMG Seriously, all the other characters are sweet and compassionate and likeable Garrett was a selfish ass who couldn t see past the nose on his face He annoyed me to no end and I found myself infuriated with him

  6. Lori Quick Lori Quick says:

    Thank you NetGalley and publisher for letting me read this book It was fantastic and it kept me going from the start Scandal with a Sinful Scot is the first book I have read by Karyn Gerrard and certainly will not be the last I love this book It is in my re read pile for sure.I don t want to giv

  7. Maria Dariotis Maria Dariotis says:

    Falling in love with Abigail Hughes at a young age Garrett Wollstonecraft thought to spare her from his families damning curse he decides to foolishly let go of her and live a lonely loveless life Fourteen years later Abigail is in his life again, and she s resentful and hurt over the betrayal of

  8. Maggie Whitworth Maggie Whitworth says:

    Great book that run along wonderfully , there is a lot packed into this story and in ticks along beautifully.I can t wait to hear Aidens story I received an advanced copy of this book and chose to submit a review

  9. Krystal Krystal says:

    The premise of this story was so interesting that I couldn t wait to jump right in I was expecting a second chance love story between two people who find their way back to one another after over a decade of being apart What I got was two people so immature that it was hard to believe they were supp

  10. Claire Claire says:

    I received Scandal with a Sinful Scot as part of a Goodreads giveaway.Fourteen years ago, young lovers Garrett Wollstonecraft and Abbie Hughes were torn apart after Garrett s paranoia regarding a family curse forced him to end their relationship in a dramatic, emotional fashion Now in their early 30

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