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Dogs with Jobs Discover the true stories of some of the world s incredible working dogs, and the extraordinary jobs they undertake Meet Molly, the diabetes alert dog whose round the clock job is to keep her two young owners healthy Bailey, the Assistant Director of Seagulls whose job is to keep the pesky birds away from the heritage vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum and Daisy, the Collie mix who is a full time guide dog to another blind dog From inspirational moments of bravery in service, to tales of dogs doing the jobs that no one else can, these are the life affirming stories of the hardest working dogs in the world.

10 thoughts on “Dogs with Jobs

  1. Figgy Figgy says:

    FIGO Guide Dog5 5This one made me a tad teary, and is a fantastic start to the book It s probably the first job we think of when we think of dogs with jobs, but that doesn t make it any less amazing what Figo would do for his owner.MOLLY POLLY Diab

  2. Saturday& Saturday& says:

    What better way to start my 2018 The Year of the Dog reading year than with a great read about some very special dogs.

  3. Kathleen Dixon Kathleen Dixon says:

    Nice, easy to read chapters on different dogs with some quite different jobs It s not just the standard ones you know, that guide the blind or alert the deaf or remind people to take their meds There are all sorts of dog jobs that we wouldn t ordinarily think of,

  4. Kialynne Kialynne says:

    I really enjoyed this easy, happy read about all the ways in which dogs will work to make our lives better However I m not sure that this was fact checked as there was an error or two in terminology It deserves way than three reviews so I hope people check out this amaz

  5. Olwen Olwen says:

    Dog tragics will love this book The author waxes lyrical about these four legged fur covered animals with phrases like proud father of a litter.

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