Read Textbooks Sociolinguistica y Pragmatica del Espanol: , Segunda Edicion –

Sociolinguistica y Pragmatica del Espanol: , Segunda Edicion This thoroughly updated second edition provides a clear and comprehensive overview of sociolinguistics and the pragmatics of oral communication in Spanish While maintaining the same structure as the first edition, it includes revised Ejercicios de reflexion and new comprehension checks at the end of each chapter, along with numerous bibliographic references throughout, enhancing its use as a classroom text Among the significant revisions are new sections on corpus linguistics and on statistical modeling programs for studying linguistic variables, an expanded chapter on the study of linguistic attitudes with special attention to Spanish in the United States, greater attention to the relation of pragmatics to sociolinguistics, including coverage of verbal politeness and forms of address, and updated information on Spanglish and on the teaching of Spanish as a heritage language

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