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The Temporal Void The Intersolar Commonwealth is in turmoil as the Living Dream s deadline for launching its Pilgrimage into the Void draws closer Not only is the Ocisen Empire fleet fast approaching on a mission of genocide, but also an internecine war has broken out between the post human factions over the destiny of humanityCountering the various and increasingly desperate agents and factions is Paula Myo, a ruthlessly single minded investigator, beset by foes from her distant past and colleagues of dubious allegiancebut she is fast losing a race against timeAt the heart of all this is Edeard the Waterwalker, who once lived a long time ago deep inside the Void He is the messiah of Living Dream, and visions of his life are shared by, and inspire billions of humans It is his glorious, captivating story that is the driving force behind Living Dream s Pilgrimage, a force that is too strong to be thwarted As Edeard nears his final victory the true nature of the Void is finally revealed

About the Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F Hamilton is a British science fiction author He is best known for writing space opera As of the publication of his tenth novel in 2004, his works had sold over two million copies worldwide, making him Britain s biggest selling science fiction author.

10 thoughts on “The Temporal Void

  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    I m frankly getting rather awed by Peter F Hamilton Any single book doesn t quite DO his stories justice, which is kind of weird because each book see

  2. Guillermo Guillermo says:

    This is a tale of two books I think the Inigo s dream chapters dragged this book down a notch from the previous installment of the Void trilogy Hamilton seems

  3. David Sven David Sven says:

    In this middle book of the series the motivations and goals of various factions starts to emerge the most notable revelation to me being what the Accelerator Faction is

  4. Rob Rob says:

    Executive Summary I found this to be an improvement over The Dreaming Void, although I think that will heavily depend on how much you like Edeard s story.Audio book I continue t

  5. F.R. F.R. says:

    The problem with most stories about Superman is that he s just so damned invincible It almost becomes comic the fact that every two bit hood in Metropolis has access to Kryptonite which

  6. Claudia Claudia says:

    MIND BLOWING.For me, at least so far, the Void and Makkathran are the ultimate apex in sci fi creations.

  7. Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson says:

    I started out by giving this book a 5 star rating, but I ve dropped it to a 4 for reasons I shall explain.One of the best things about Peter F Hamilton s writing has been his ability to write lots of diff

  8. Stuart Stuart says:

    The Temporal Void A Draggy Middle Book that Indulges in TediumMuch like the Commonwealth Saga,this is a very long, detailed, imaginative, and sprawling epic space opera that involves dozens of characters, plots, a

  9. Sumant Sumant says:

    The second book in the Void trilogy started slow for me, but kept on building up from the previous book and the last 100 150 pages where we finally get some revelations regarding the nature of the Void was the pay off for

  10. David David says:

    I am already eagerly reading the third book in the Void Trilogy The Evolutionary Void, and so far, the second book The Temporal Void is by far the best It is the most exciting The stories about Edeard have endeared me to him, and t

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