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Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech Buying groceries, tracking our health, finding a date whatever we want to do, odds are that we can now do it online But few of us ask why all these digital products are designed the way they are It s time we change that Many of the services we rely on are full of oversights, biases, and downright ethical nightmares Chatbots that harass women Signup forms that fail anyone who s not straight Social media sites that send peppy messages about dead relatives Algorithms that put black people behind barsSara Wachter Boettcher takes an unflinching look at the values, processes, and assumptions that lead to these and other problems Technically Wrong demystifies the tech industry, leaving those of us on the other side of the screen better prepared to make informed choices about the services we use and demand from the companies behind them

About the Author: Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Sara Wachter Boettcher is a web consultant based in Philadelphia, and the author of the forthcoming Technically Wrong, from W.W Norton, as well as two books for web professionals Design for Real Life, with Eric Meyer, and Content Everywhere She helps organizations make sense of their digital content, and speaks at conferences worldwide.

10 thoughts on “Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech

  1. John John says:

    WellThis is another one of those funny books that is sort of a 5 and sort of a 3 The book broadly claims that the tech industry builds interfaces and products that are not necessarily intentionally biased The book says that the main driver is the homogeneity of tech comp

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    I want to qualify my rating of this book If you haven t previously thought about sexism, racism, or other forms of discrimination in the tech industry, this is a five star recommendation However, as someone who regularly reads about this topic and pays attention to tech news, I

  3. Vish Wam Vish Wam says:

    Why do apps and profile info pages mostly come with only two gender options male and female What if someone doesn t wish to be identified as either Why is there still a vast underrepresentation of women and minorities in the tech sector Why hasn t there been a massive MeToo rising in

  4. Manzoor Elahi Manzoor Elahi says:

    Most tech products are full of blind spots, biases, and outright ethical blunders Like in the spring of 2015, when Louise Selby, a pediatrician in Cambridge, England, joined PureGym, a British chain But every time she tried to swipe her membership card to access the women s locker room, she

  5. Tam Tam says:

    A good and short read Plenty of examples, but mostly the famous ones on the internet the author s alignment with the truly marginalized is limited, mostly with female gays transgender nonwhites but still the educated, unlike O Neil in

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    Nothing surprising here, but infuriating and important nonetheless if you at all work in tech as a woman or person of color, you ll recognize all of this Well researched and written The sexism in algorithms is something I ve not thought about, but damn was that interesting.

  7. Kate Bigam Kaput Kate Bigam Kaput says:

    Long review coming This book was my first Feminist Book Club delivery, it was brilliant techie, but written in a digestible, accessible, down to earth way for those of us who don t work in tech I had no idea of all these problems like Google Photos identifying black faces as gorillas, mobile ads targeting people

  8. Amy Rhoda Brown Amy Rhoda Brown says:

    This is a crystal clear description of how the monoculture of tech leads to terrible apps, toxic online behaviour, and the failure of the developers to take responsibility for what their decisions, based on their narrow worldview, have wrought Easy to read, well laid out and compelling.

  9. Jay Jay says:

    Given the title of this book, I assumed it would focus exclusively on the problems of bias in software and machine learning This has been in the news for quite a while, and on top of the news recently While most of the book provides stories about bias as I expected, a large part of the book was about various other behaviors,

  10. Kathy Reid Kathy Reid says:

    A must read for anyone who designs digital experiences, and doesn t want to be an inadvertent dude bro.Against a backdrop of increasingly ubiquitous technology, with every online interaction forcing us to expose parts of ourselves, Sara Wachter Boettcher weaves a challenging narrative with ease With ease, but not easily Many of the

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