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Wind in the Ashes In post World War III America, legendary soldier and freedom fighter Ben Raines orders his rebels to make one last desperate assault against the Russian invaders and the mercenary turncoat San Hartline But until fresh troops arrive, Raines wages a one man guerrilla war against the enemy Reissue

10 thoughts on “Wind in the Ashes

  1. Todd Sullivan Todd Sullivan says:

    Another year, another jaunt through one of William W Johnstone s Ashes books In 2019 that book was Wind in the Ashes perhaps the least necessary of the Ashes books that I have read so far Also the least interesting.Following the assault on Raines and the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Ben decides it s finally time to take out the mad russian general Striganov and his right hand man Sam Hartline

  2. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    This is the only book in the series that I have attempted to read, and I will not finish it The theme of the series is intriguing, and on its own would be great to read I can handle the violence, which is a cruicial part of the entire series after all the world is at war However, I cannot stomach the sexual violence, toward children in particular I was put off pretty early, and thought general

  3. Bryan457 Bryan457 says:

    Once again Ben Raines is thwarted in his attempts to put civilization back together by mercenary Sam Hartline and his army of Russians.The series seems to have settled into a formula plans to put civilization back together get put on hold because they have to go out and fight the bad guys.Warning, strong language, violence, and sex.

  4. Stephen Stephen says:

    Ben decides to take on the Russian and Sam Hartline in this book, and we have the introduction of Col Kamsin Bad old arabs raising their heads Well, we need a new bad guy Strighonav decides that he s done with the inhuman mutant experiments, and pretty much just chooses to stop being a bad guy Ben kills Hartline, and now off to deal with the Hot Wind.

  5. Ken Ken says:

    Formula writing but entertaining brainless read.

  6. Nina Nina says:

    I didn t know it, but there are about 18 books in this series, so far each I have read are full of fast paced action, good characters, some so mean and nasty you want to shoot them yourself.

  7. Timothy Boyd Timothy Boyd says:

    Very good adventure series Basically the forming of a new United States after WW3 and the story of the man who leads and forms it If you like men s adventure stories you will enjoy it Recommended

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