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After The Dance IT S HER GAME Here s my deal I m not knocking myself out to find Mr Right any As far as this thirty something sistah is concerned, it s now about reciprocity, not romance A brother doesn t have to whisper promises he won t keep or make me any kind of commitment All he needs to do is respect my boundaries, rock my world then step the hell on before anyone gets too attached That s why the last man I need to be trying to hook up with is my next door neighbor, CarlBUT HE S BREAKING ALL THE RULES Who does Faye think she s fooling She and I both know all that talk she does about game playing is little than a big front Besides, playing by the rules won t necessarily keep us from falling in love And if what s been going on between us lately is any indication, I m thinking at least one of us is already halfway there With its Southern charm and hilarious take on relationships, this book is a must read Tu Shonda L Whitaker, Essence bestselling author of The Ex Factor Unique, interesting characters and sharp, crackling wit laced with occasional pathos make this first novel a genuine winner Gwynne Forster, author of Getting Some of Her Own

About the Author: Lori Johnson

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10 thoughts on “After The Dance

  1. Deloris Deloris says:

    APB Perspective Review When I started this book I was wrong ,I thought this would be a typical love story about I couple who meet and start a relationship after party or a night in the club If that is what you are thinking stop right n

  2. Vacirca Vaughn Vacirca Vaughn says:

    I loved it Read it months ago, but just read it again I liked it even the 2nd time.Faye, our heroine, is down to earth, witty, no nonsense, and has a plan to get what she needs from a man and keep it movin That is until she meets the hapless

  3. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    Sometimes I feel like reading a good romance novel However, I often find the storyline to be very formulaic girl meets boy, boy likes girl, their love faces a challenge, but in the end the challenge is overcome and they live happily ever after After

  4. Amy Amy says:

    Okay, for those that know me, you are probably laughing like crazy that I would even read this I seriously just picked this book up because of the cover and title I had no idea what this was It is actually, kind of a sweet story, if you can skip the innuen

  5. James Fant James Fant says:

    AFTER THE DANCE by Lori Johnson is a flat out awesome book Lori wows you first with her style of first person the hero and heroine tell the story and the chapters are either HIM or HER, depending on who s talking And then she hits you upside the head with a story

  6. MidnightAce MidnightAce says:

    APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEWAfter the Dance is a sweet romance with characters you see everyday, Carl and Faye Faye is witty, hard on the outside, jelly in the middle, down to earth, pharmacist, Dr Abrahams She hasn t been able to forgive herself for a decision and secret she

  7. Ang Ang says:

    I don t even know if I can describe how wonderful this book was Loved Carl immensely Faye was cool too All the characters in the story made a great contribution This story really seemed like something someone would experience in real life Everything was nicely developed You ll

  8. La La says:

    I liked that the story was told from both characters side and I disagree that it was lengthy I think it was real We get in our way when we date we do dumb things, we look stupid, wish we could take it back and fumble into that real thing I would read this author again and wouldn t m

  9. Zarinah Zarinah says:

    I did not finish this book I listened to the audio version of this book The book was a little slow and kept losing my attention I think this book may be great for others but just not that interesting to me The great thing js the book had comedy but after 5 chapters the plot was going no whe

  10. Chantay Chantay says:

    Memorable That s the word I would use to describe this book I loved everything about it, and it s not even the type of book that needs a movie The details are so adequate and you can feel their chemistry There s nothing special than coming across a person of the opposite sex, who accepts you for

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