Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine epub –

Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine Entertaining, as always Good on ya, Dayal Nice to read in depth pieces with old acquaintances such as Mysticum, In the Woods and the mighty Reverend, and to be introduced to and discover new awesome stuff like Scythian, Mork and Slegest. Directly inspired by the aesthetics and approach of the print fanzines of the pre internet era, the Cult Never Dies The Mega Zine series expands the focus from Cult Never Dies previous black metal books to fully document the metal underground The fourth full length work by Dayal Patterson Black Metal Evolution Of The Cult, Cult Never Dies Vol One and Into The Abyss , featuring guest writing from the talented Frank Allain, this tome comprises of huge, candid and definitive interviews with Mysticum, Bal Sagoth, In The Woods, Reverend Bizarre, Indesinence, Nahtrunar, Slegest, Scythian, Lychgate, Mork, Ancient, Jon Kristiansen and the story of Head Not Found records, black metal photographer Ester Segarra and illustrator Gareth Elliott

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