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Madame Zero Madame Zero Is A Stunning New Story Collection Embracing The Darkness, Eroticism, And Absurdity Of Human Existence One Of Our Most Celebrated Authors, Sarah Hall Is An Exquisite Chronicler Of Landscapes Of All Kinds Rural, Industrial, Bodily, Psychological And These Gorgeous Stories Reveal A Writer Working At The Peak Of Her Powers Whether Depicting A Husband Who Finds His Wife Utterly Transformed, A Child Who Becomes A Case Study In Wildness, Or A Road Trip Overwhelmed By Buried Phobias, Hall Is Always Deeply Attuned To The Uncanny Strangeness That Underlies Our Everyday Reality In These Memorable Scenes, She Delights In The Mythic Symbolism Of Wilderness And Wasteland, And Revels In Blurring Thresholds Between The Natural And Urban, Mundane And Surreal, Human And Animal.This Is A Haunting Collection From A Uniquely Fertile Imagination, Written In Lyrical Prose Glittering With The Compacted Power And Striking Imagery Of Poetry Marked By Hall S Characteristic Fascination With The Intimacy Of Nature And The Nature Of Intimacy These Intensely Sensual, Thrillingly Inventive Tales Seek To Expose Our Innermost Fears And Desires Conceptually Ambitious, Yet Magnetically Tactile, Madame Zero Is A Vital New Work From One Of The Most Distinctive Voices In Contemporary Fiction.

10 thoughts on “Madame Zero

  1. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    The morning is clear, a few high clouds banking on the horizon Dawn has come and gone, but it still feels fresh and damp and clean You cycle through the hospital grounds, past the crematorium, and across a small park, then along the river The field is empty

  2. Melki Melki says:

    After a while, conversation got up about fears and phobias Heights Needles Being shot in the back of the head in the cinema Clowns mouths.Clowns mouths Joe snorted.Don t you mean just clowns, Zach The whole clown entity is considered pretty sinister.I do not, mate, Zachar

  3. Hugh Hugh says:

    Another fine, unsettling collection of stories, perhaps not quite as visceral as the ones in The Beautiful Indifference, but if anything subtler and imaginative The story from which the title is taken, Mrs Fox, is particularly striking if a little reminiscent of Angela Carter in t

  4. Peter Boyle Peter Boyle says:

    This is my first encounter with Sarah Hall and it left me wondering why I had taken so long In an unsettling collection of tales all centred around some kind of transformation, this gifted author puts her dark imagination and considerable writing talents to wonderful use.Convention tells us

  5. Victoria (Eve& Victoria (Eve& says:

    I had read two of the stories in this collection before, Mrs Fox and Evie, both of which are fizzing with sexual animal energy although the latter is terrifyingly disturbing and quite brilliant The rest of the stories were excellent, with not a bad apple amongst them My favourites were Later, His Ghos

  6. Lark Benobi Lark Benobi says:

    These stories are obliquely told Voice or mood is important than narrative They often don t tell much of a story at all Nevertheless these stories are fully formed They aren t fragments They aren t even experimental in the sense that the term is usually used They left me changed for having read them Nonlinear

  7. Jonathan Pool Jonathan Pool says:

    Updated following Charleston Short Stiry Festival 2018 I read Madame Zero a year before getting the chance to hear Sarah Hall and Chris Power Mothers at the Charleston Short Story festival in September 2018 Great venue in the new restored, barn great discussion chaired by Catherine Taylor insight and openness from Sarah

  8. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    3.5 review to follow.

  9. Greg Greg says:

    UPDATE I ve read a number of reviews, and apparently the two stories I liked best have been previously published On the one hand, that s money grab territory On the other hand, I m glad I was introduced to the two very odd, memorable stories here I liked very much Fox and Evie Plus, there is a third story, Theatre 6 , here that I found part

  10. Alan Alan says:

    4.5 stars Beautifully written collection It s true the stories that bookend the collection are outstanding and perhaps outshine the others, but all are good to great Mrs Fox first story resembles Lady into Fox down to being from the husband s p.o.v., the dismissal of the servant cleaner etc., but Hall s tak...

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