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Lilly Lilly Kensington, daughter of billionaire Pearce Kensington, is all grown up and starting college Before classes even start, one of the hottest guys on campus asks her out But after a few dates, Lilly begins to question his intentions and wonders if she can trust himAll her life, Lilly has been taught to trust no one but she isn t sure why And she doesn t understand why her family is so overprotective of her Is there something they re not telling her Lilly s mother, Katherine, is back in her life, showing interest in her daughter after years of ignoring her Why now What does she want And can Lilly finally break free of the control her mother has over her Going to college is a new beginning for Lilly A chance to be her own person Make her own choices Make decisions about her future But is her future really hers to decide

10 thoughts on “Lilly

  1. Angi Naerebout Angi Naerebout says:

    It was a nice book, I m not sure if it was up to par with the rest of the series I liked Lilly, I liked the idea of her story It felt really obvious at the beginning with Preston and Katherine, it didn t seem to have the same unknown elements as Jade Garret I liked Reed and his storyI m just hopeful that the next book is better and hasinteresting elements It was a nice book, I m not sure if it was up

  2. Cami Cami says:

    4.5 Stars Oh my goodness, I totally forgot how much I love the books about the Kensington s You have to start with the first series which is the Jade series and I know there are a lot of books in the series but trust me when I say they are great books and a story that will keep you very engrossed the entire time If you have read the other books you know Lilly to be the daughter of billionaire Pearce Kensing

  3. Ewa Ewa says:

    Opowie o nastoletniej Lilly, c rce Pearce a i Katherine naprawd wci ga, jest zar wno romantyczna, jak i pe na r nego rodzaju spisk w Lilly idzie do college u i nawi zuje pierwsze zwi zki, najpierw z bogatym Prestonem, a potem z artyst , podobnie jak ona, kt ry nie ma najciekawszej przesz o ci, a gdy zaczyna zadawa si z c rk Kensingtona, dziwnym zrz dzeniem losu, co nieco zaczyna wychodzi na jaw Katherine mocno za

  4. Gudlaug Gudlaug says:

    Love the Kensinton stories.So this is a book I am happy to read I loved the Jade series and the Kensinton.So in this book the saga contious.Love it.Thank Allie Evverhart for writing it

  5. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Great storyI loved the book, although alot of it sounded too much like her brother, Garrett s story So glad she didn t date the douche any longer and ended up with Reed And cut her bitchy mother off

  6. Tina Lonsdale Tina Lonsdale says:

    Good story as alwaysJust starting the Jade series thanks again for the very good read I m looking forward to reading your series again.

  7. Connie Napoli Connie Napoli says:

    LillyTerrific Ms Everhart does not disappoint Another excellent book Follows storyline from the Jade and Kensington series both fantastic I feel like these characters are old friends and part of my life If you are meeting the Kensington clan for the first time and you enjoyed ittreat yourself to the full series, starting with the Jade series then the Kensingtons, jn that order..to get the full impacts of the fantastic story Looking forw

  8. Jacquelyn Smith Jacquelyn Smith says:

    Mother issuesWhat is one to do when mothers is the problem Lilly and Reed is trapped in a world Plagued with mother issues This was amazing start to Lilly s story.

  9. Evie Lanier Evie Lanier says:

    WowAnother great read The entire series is awesome So glad you decided to write her story Can t wait for the next book

  10. Shani Oddman Shani Oddman says:

    OMG The Jade series is by far my all time favorite series EVER So when I saw there was a spin off for Lilly I had to read I loved Lilly and her innocence to all that was going on around her She was vulnerable and kind This book envoked so much emotions Laughter, anger, resentment The only thing I hated was that Lilly had no growth, she still had the mindset of the 7 year old girl we was introduced to in the Jade Series And what was up with Jade and Garre

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