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Phantom's Baby They sold me out They left me for dead They ll never see me coming I m not the muscle for the Antonov crime family, I m its goddamn Prince At least, I was until they betrayed me But there s only one thing I take lying down, and it sure ain t a kicking Before I left I had every girl in Alexandria chasing after me Cara was the only one I ever wanted, but while I wasn t there to protect her, life never stopped beating her down This whole time she kept our precious secret, and I never knew Two years locked in a concrete box changed me I forgot what really mattered But I never lose I win, or I learn and now I remember what I stand to gain I knew I was starving, but I thought it was revenge that I was hungering for Now I know better It s Cara s curves She s not one in a million She s once in a lifetime And I m taking her back Phantom s Baby is a standalone, novel length mafia baby romance Holly Hart s bad boys are dark and dirty, she hates cheating, and guarantees an HEA every time Hitman s Baby A Secret Baby Romance is included absolutely free Meet your next bad boy book boyfriend

10 thoughts on “Phantom's Baby

  1. Laurie Laurie says:

    I thought I could get through dialogue and inner musings that I found overdramatic and cheesy At 23% we had this huge buildup to what I thought might just be one hell of a sex scene, but right when it should have blown my socks off it faded to black We did get Val s inner thoughts

  2. ♡Tonya♡ ♡Tonya♡ says:

    Just an ok read for me I appreciate that there was no cheating or ow om The epilogue was lacking, it felt vague.

  3. Shriya Shriya says:

    I think it was a waste of time to read this book It started of well but got me confused It took a while to understand if the characters were in the present or past Many things were lacking in the story, like how the characters met and made a baby That was not explained, considering he s super

  4. Veronica LaRoche Veronica LaRoche says:

    Cara is trying to keep herself and her daughter safe from her father and has no choose but to leave She wants anything to give her daughter a good life She must go back to her old house in order to move on but comes face to face with her worst nightmare, her father Trying to get away she runs into t

  5. Kj Kj says:

    started out with a good premise but the writing style felt choppy and I really felt the story jumped around too much I felt no chemistry between main characters or the guy and his child when he found out he even had a child it was like no big deal sorry couldn t finish so I don t think it s fair to give a

  6. Christine Christine says:

    Arc reviewFor honest review lots of action in this story with Val he s out for revenge against his father and he gets his girl back cara and muchGreat story.

  7. Jo-Anne Jo-Anne says:

    Cara had enough of living with her abusive, alcoholic father so she runs away with her 2 year old daughter, Kitty She never heard from Kitty s father, Val, and thought he was living a life of luxury when really his father, Arkady, a Russian mafia don had traded him to the mob as collateral Val had spent the last 2 ye

  8. Daniella Marchand Daniella Marchand says:

    Pretty kinky stuff happening between Joe and Katie around a casino Very Hot and sexy Loved the way this story came together,I can imagine this kind of thing happening in reality, and so much was unexpected The romance is a real sizzler It is a great read, I am looking forward toTrue Desires This was my first read from Sash

  9. Donny Van Donny Van says:

    The book was barely enjoyable with the overuse of hardly used words for meaningless effect as it was when I stumbled upon the most prejudiced, hate filled line I ve read in a long while government that isn t as corrupt as a banana republic down south One star is too good for a book like this one I would give it negative 5 stars

  10. S Alston S Alston says:

    It starts off good and then died The story and timeline was hard to keep up with The characters didn t really connect Barely finished but I did.

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