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SciFutures Presents The City of the Future FascinatingAs stories, I really enjoyed how each one stayed human and personal, the primary focus on exploring and resolving deeply primal aspects of who we are The whole scifuture vision is the foundation for the whole thing, and each story explores different concepts for a interconnected and intelligent future Certainly worth a read to get a sneak peak of our probable futures in the developed first world, and also how we can improve the lifestyles and conditions of our brothers and sisters around the planet I especially appreciated how the visions are all grounded in a sense of ecological responsibility and awaren Powerful and thoughtfulSome unexpected takes on cities of the future, and strong writing across the board While technological changes drive the plots, most of the stories focus on the psychological and social conflicts that result. if great sf is about great problem solving, then sofie bird s story nails it holly schofield s story is also solid. Change Is Coming And It S Going To Affect Humans Right Where We Live By 2050, City Living Is Going To Look Very Different From What We Know Today Across The Globe, Cities Are Going Green And Getting Smarter Artificial Intelligence Is Playing A Bigger Role In Our Lives Every Day And The Nomad Generation Is Redefining What Home Is In These Pages We Explore Future Cities All Over The World In Nigeria, We See How Students Are Making Their Cities Smarter In London, A Charming AI Wants To Help You Find Love In Australia, A Drowned Dutch City Finds A New Home And In California, Charismatic Cities Don T Need Us To Run Them At All The Future Visions In This Anthology Come From Nine Of Today S Premiere Science Fiction Writers And Futurists These Examples Are Futurist Storytelling At Its Finest, Because They Examine Not Only The Technologies That Will Affect Our Future, But How People Will Learn And Grow And Interact With Those Technologies Come, Let S Take A Look At Our Future.

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