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When an ancient ritual requires Wonder Woman to protect a young woman from anyone who threatens her, it pits the Warrior against her Justice League ally, Batman And while an array of enemies, including Silver Swan and the dangerous than ever Dr Psycho, attack Wonder Woman on all fronts, it s the publication of Princess Diana s book that opens her to an assault by a new and deadly foe the malevolent Veronica Cale and places Wonder Woman s island homeland of Themyscira in grave dangerBest selling writer Greg Rucka DETECTIVE COMICS teams with artists JG Jones FINAL CRISIS , Drew Johnson SUPERGIRL , Shane Davis SUPERMAN EARTH ONE and for the start of his legendary run on the title as Wonder Woman stands against mortal foes and faces the machinations of the gods themselves Collects the highly sought after WONDER WOMAN THE HIKETEIA and WONDER WOMAN Wonder Woman, Volume 1

About the Author: Greg Rucka

Greg Rucka, is an American comic book writer and novelist, known for his work on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman Detective Comics, and the miniseries Superman World of New Krypton for DC Comics, and for novels such as his Queen Country series.

10 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, Volume 1

  1. Chelsea & Chelsea & says:

    I hovered on this one because The Hiketeia 5 starsThe rest of this volume 3 stars The Hiketeia This story follows a teenage runaway fleeing Batman because they re being accused of murder She runs to Diana s place to make Hiketeia Hiketeia is the sacred Themyscrian ritual in which a needy person makes a pledge to serve a kind patron in exchange for protection The pat

  2. Chris Lemmerman Chris Lemmerman says:

    Greg Rucka s run on Wonder Woman is one of the most critically acclaimed and highly lauded as the definitive take on Diana Of course, I ve never read it because I wasn t into DC at the time But now, DC have kindly decided to reprint his run in two trade paperbacks, starting with this one.We open with the Hiketeia original graphic novel, which sees Diana defend a fugiti

  3. Liz Janet Liz Janet says:

    If you can t find The Hiketeia to read as a separate comic, this volume has the story, as well as other amazing works of Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka I am quite glad he is at the helm of the Rebirth series.

  4. Artemy Artemy says:

    So, this volume contains an original graphic novel Hiketeia, as well as the first two trades of Rucka s serial run on Wonder Woman, apparently highly praised and held as one of the essential runs on the character Well, I think it blows.Well, I m not being totally fair, because Hiketeia is actually great I ve read it before, and now read it again, and both times it was a blas

  5. Artemis Artemis says:

    First time reading any Wonder Woman stories by Greg Rucka, and I can see why he s considered to be one of thesuccessful writers in the great DC superheroine s run.I ve recently been stuck in a rut when it comes to comic books Whether it s slogging through the convoluted and complicated Monstress , or concluding that works like Rucka s other comic, Black Magick , range from okay

  6. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    A bit disappointed with the stories They just didn t hit home with me.

  7. Kay Kay says:

    The volume starts off with Wonder Woman The Hiketeia, which I ve separately rated 4 stars.The rest of this volume WW issues 195 205 was good, but not great Mostly because you have a lot of people talking about why they love Wonder Woman and why she s important to them , but you don t get to see why for yourself This story happens around Diana, as opposed to happening to her.One perso

  8. Christine Christine says:

    I picked this up because I wanted to read The Hiketeia story Which was worth the price.The Hiketeia deals with WW taking on supplicant who is wanted for murder, and who Batman is chasing The story gets at the difference between WW and Batman One thing that has always bugged a little about Bats and I should not that I was not, and never will be, a regular Batman reader is that whenever I

  9. B. P. Rinehart B. P. Rinehart says:

    This book collects the first two storylines of Greg Rucka s Wonder Woman It also has Wonder Woman The Hiketeia which I have already reviewed This volume did not surprise me with how good it was, but I was surprised to see a certain antagonist from this run is being brought back for Wonder Woman, Volume 1 The Lies This lady is pretty much the reverse Wonder Woman and seeing that she is as d

  10. The Sapphic Nerd The Sapphic Nerd says:

    Whenever I read a Greg Rucka book, I remember why he s my favourite comic book writer He just knows how to get me invested in the characters.Diana is everything I admire and aspire to be I adore her She has presence and the other characters rightfully respond with respect even her opponents At the same time, her perfection makes her hard to relate to as a person She has all these wonderful id

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