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Intelligence Powder A rogue philosopher, named Puff of Smoke, schemes to outwit the Sultan of his North African kingdom by selling sand as intelligence powder and claiming to have a donkey that excretes gold coins From Algeriaactset f, m, chorus and extras

About the Author: Kateb Yacine

Reporter for Alger Republicain until 1950 then full time writer Yacine is one of the most notable French Algerian writers Nedjma, a long prose poem reminiscent of Faulkner in the handling of time, has been called by Georges J Joyaux undoubtedly the best testimonial to the birth of a new Algeria Yacine once said Nedjma the girl in the story is the soul of Algeria, torn apart since its origin and ravaged by too many exclusive passions From Wikipedia Kateb Yacine was officially born on August 6, 1929, but it islikely that his birth occurred four days earlier He was born in Constantine Born as Yacine Kateb, he once said that he was so used to hearing his teachers calling out names with the last name first that he adopted Kateb Yacine as his pen name when publishing.He came from a scholarly maraboutic Berber family from Djebel Nador in eastern Guelma Province, called Kheltiya or Keblout His maternal grandfather was the bach adel , or deputy judge of the qadi in Cond Smendou Zirout Youcef His father was a lawyer, and the family followed him through his various assignments in different parts of the country Young Kateb which means writer , attended the Sedrata Quran school in 1937, then in 1938 the French school in Lafayette Bougaa in Little Kabylie, where the family had moved In 1941 he enrolled in the colonial coll ge secondary school of Setif as a boarder.Kateb Yacine was in his third year at the coll ge when the May 8, 1945 demonstrations occurred He participated in these demonstrations that ended with the massacre of between six and eight according to nationalists forty five thousand Algerians by the French army and police Three days later he was placed under arrest and imprisoned for two months From that point on he became a partisan for the nationalist cause Expelled from secondary school, watching his mother s psychological health decline, passing through a period of dejection and immersed in the writings of Lautr amont and Baudelaire, his father sent him to the high school in B ne Annaba There he met Nedjma the star , an already married cousin with whom he lived for maybe eight months , as he later acknowledged.While living with Nedjma he published his first collection of poetry in 1946 He had already become politicized and started giving lectures under the auspices of the PPA, the great nationalist party of the masses Yacine went to Paris in 1947, into the lion s den as he put it.In May 1947 he joined the Communist party and gave a lecture in the Salle des Soci t s savantes on emir Abd al Qadir During a second visit to France the following year he published Nedjma ou le Po me du Couteau a hint of what was to follow in the revue Le Mercure de France He was a journalist at the daily Alger r publicain between 1949 and 1951, his first great reportages coming from Saudi Arabia and Sudan Khartoum After returning to Algeria, he published under the pseudonym Said Lamri an article denouncing swindling at the holy place of Mecca.After his father s death in 1950 Yacine worked as a longshoreman in Algiers He returned to Paris where he would stay until 1959 During this period in Paris he worked with Malek Haddad, developed a relationship with M hamed Issiakhem, and, in 1954, spoke extensively with Bertold Brecht In 1954, the revue Esprit published Yacine s play Le cadavre encercl , which was staged by Jean Marie Serreau but was banned in France Nedjma was published in 1956 and Kateb will not forget the editor s comment This is too complicated In Algeria you ve got such pretty sheep, why don t you talk about your sheep During the Algerian war for independence Yacine was forced to travel abroad for a long time due to the harassment he faced from the DST He lived in numerous places, subsisting as a guest writer or working various odd jobs in France, Belgium,

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