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I Was Your Fool A troubled young lady seeks advice from a therapist but it goes terribly wrong when she attempts to put that advice into action She seeks revenge and in doing so, tears apart the lives of many innocent people

10 thoughts on “I Was Your Fool

  1. Darcia Scates Darcia Scates says:

    The book started out juicy and held my attention But then the author writes some questionable details I am questioning how a medical student has time to date I have never heard of medical students living regular lives and having jobs I thought medical school was a full time responsibility IF the new character had to break up with his

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    Great read finished in 1 and 1 2 day Page turner full of drama and satisfying I really enjoyed this one and look forward to readingfrom this author She has another book called I Am Your Fool and I am going to snatch that one up next.

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