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Stasi: The Untold Story Of The East German Secret Police In this gripping narrative, John Koehler details the widespread activities of East Germany s Ministry for State Security, or Stasi The Stasi, which infiltrated every walk of East German life, suppressed political opposition, and caused the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of citizens, proved to be one of the most powerful secret police and espionage services in the world Koehler methodically reviews the Stasi s activities within East Germany and overseas, including its programs for internal repression, international espionage, terrorism and terrorist training, art theft, and special operations in Latin America and AfricaKoehler was both Berlin bureau chief of the Associated Press during the height of the Cold War and a US Army Intelligence officer His insider s account is based on primary sources, such as US intelligence files, Stasi documents made available only to the author, and extensive interviews with victims of political oppression, former Stasi officers, and West German government officials Drawing from these sources, Koehler recounts tales that rival the most outlandish Hollywood spy thriller and, at the same time, offers the definitive contribution to our understanding of this still largely unwritten aspect of the history of the Cold War and modern Germany

About the Author: John O. Koehler

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10 thoughts on “Stasi: The Untold Story Of The East German Secret Police

  1. Maciek Maciek says:

    The East German Ministry for State Security Ministerium f r Staatssicherheit, commonly refered to as the Stasi, was unarguably one of the most powerful and repressive secret police to have ever existed, not only in eastern Europe but the entire world To maintain order and submission behind the Iron Curtain, ev

  2. Torr Torr says:

    A meticulous look into the history, politics and organization of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik and the Ministerium f r Staatssicherheit Stasi , who employed some 100,000 officials to serve as a secret police force The Gestapo only employed 40,000 Koehler draws from an prodigious and disorganized amount of docum

  3. Rebecka Jäger Rebecka Jäger says:

    A many sided approach to the history of the secret police in East Germany What bugged me was the hopping forth and back in time Also, the style of writing is quite dry With suspenseful ingredients at hand, the book could have beenentertaining.

  4. John Nelson John Nelson says:

    I found this very easy to read and understand In two phases, I consumed it, and through both, I enjoyed it immensely That said, I m a bit of an wannabe aficionado of East German police ephemera and Stasi history Also, there s something tragic and fascinating to me about the lives of regular East Germans Their only life raft was ch

  5. Aykut Ünal Aykut Ünal says:

    The book provides good insight on the most intriguing and curious secret services of all time Domestic and international ops are covered in detail Each chapter can be shot as a spy movie.

  6. G.M. Burrow G.M. Burrow says:

    Reading this felt like chewing shoe leather tough and dry I quickly began skimming only the first and last sentences of each paragraph Endless facts, no shape, no forward motion, no story.

  7. Billy Gunn Billy Gunn says:

    Very interesting in depth history of one of the world s most feared Secret Police organisations East Germany, during the Cold War a story of absolute control over citizens Ruling by fear and isolation.Ultimately, the Stasi where driven by Paranoia so much so they even feared their own.John O Koehler, has written a fascinating book about how the Minist

  8. Ietrio Ietrio says:

    After a few pages, Koehler is readable, but simply does not get it He is a reporter and acts as one, which is a major plus, as most journalists these days are simply failed writers who still force a novel out of the few data they gathered But, unlike say Timothy Garton Ash, Koehler remains on the other side of the glass and like the autistic child, can repor

  9. Johnny Johnny says:

    It s a very dry book that chronicles the history of the organization and its major figures and many of the crimes they committed The book was written nearly 10 years after the fall of the DDR, so there may well beinformation that has come out, but the story it tells is pretty complete The Stasi certainly lacked morals in pursuing their goals of state security and s

  10. Ronaldo Nascimento Ronaldo Nascimento says:


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