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Trollhunters You are food Those muscles you flex to walk, lift, and talk They re patties of meat topped with chewy tendon That skin you ve paid so much attention to in mirrors It s delicious to the right tongues, a casserole of succulent tissue And those bones that give you the strength to make your way in the world They rattle between teeth as the marrow is sucked down slobbering throats These facts are unpleasant but useful There are things out there, you see, that don t cower in holes to be captured by us and cooked over our fires These things have their own ways of trapping their kills, their own fires, their own appetites Jim Sturges is your typical teen in suburban San Bernardino one with an embarrassingly overprotective dad, a best friend named Tubby who shares his hatred of all things torturous like gym class , and a crush on a girl who doesn t know he exists But everything changes for Jim when ayear old mystery resurfaces, threatening the lives of everyone in his seemingly sleepy town Soon Jim has to team up with a band of unlikely and some un human heroes to battle the monsters he never knew existedFrom the minds of horror geniuses Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus comes a new illustrated novel about the fears that move in unseen places

10 thoughts on “Trollhunters

  1. Sam Sam says:

    After watching the Netflix series and becoming somewhat obsessed, I grabbed this book at the earliest opportunity It didn t disappoint.WARNING Do NOT read this book if all you want is the Trollhunters Netflix series in book form Because the differences are enormous, albeit well reasoned on del Toro s part They are two different beasts that share

  2. Sean Smart Sean Smart says:

    Written for a YA audience by the incredibly talented Guillermo del Toro this was an interesting fantasy adventure which I felt took a while to get going but was original and interesting.

  3. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    It s a terrible thing, isn t it To be dragged underIn San Bernadino in the late 1960s, almost 200 hundred children went missing in what became known as The Milk Carton Epidemic Children weren t allowed on the streets past sunset, but on the day of Jack Sturges birthday, he and his little brother Jim were having too much fun on their bicycles to notice the

  4. Tony DiTerlizzi Tony DiTerlizzi says:

    Guillermo s grimy world is perfectly paired with Kraus gruesome text making for a fantastic adventure in an underground kingdom that s just as dangerous as the trials and tribulations of middle school I m never looking underneath my bed again.

  5. Jeff Raymond Jeff Raymond says:

    Closer to a 2.5.I enjoy Guillermo Del Toro I thought the first bits of The Strain were solid, I ve enjoyed many of his movies, and so a foray into children s books really seemed like it should have been down my alley Why, then, didn t this work for me The idea behind the story is a kid who is dragged into a multigenerational conflict regarding underground trolls and

  6. Melinda Borie Melinda Borie says:

    Despite a promising beginning and a premise that seemed fun, this book failed to deliver It might just not be for me, but I found it dull and frustrating The strong narrative voice of this novel feels like it belongs on a reddit thread, and the character development is similarly oddly shaped Plot beats that might work in a film just fail to charm on the page I ve got to

  7. Wendy F Wendy F says:

    Trollhunters is being classified as a YA read, but I think I would recommend this booktoward the Middle Grade age children, 10 15, whichTrollhuntersIll01 makes sense as that s the age range of the characters in the story The co author s did a spectacular job of not talking down to their target audience, while also not writing a story that spoke over young teen heads The pacin

  8. Lisa Tobleman Lisa Tobleman says:

    Trollhunters Guillermo del Toro, Daniel Kraus Disney Book Group Pub Date Jul 14 2015I received this as an eGalley through Netgalley free in exchange for an honest review.What a perfect, creepy, gory, wonderful book for middle schoolers Especially middle school boys I was a little leery when I saw Guillermo del Toro name as one of the authors since his movies are by no means kid fr

  9. Hafsa Sabira Hafsa Sabira says:

    What can I say as much as I loved the beginning and the ending, I couldn t really enjoy the middle part much I don t know how but I found all the description a bit too gore for me I like the characters but not the monsters that s probably intentional on the writers part because of their really weird physique and habits Also, they eat human children Not cool To be honest, I am already f

  10. Pamela Pamela says:

    This is the kind of story I enjoyed reading as a kid Though there is some slightly gory things trolls being what they are , I think a middle school kid can handle it It may not be Halloween or October, but this is a summer dark fantasy read not only teenagers and middle schools kids will enjoy, but adults too Just be sure to check beneath your bed or couch before you do Read the rest of the

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