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The Stars that Fell Secrets Never Stay Hidden Just Ask Any Ghost When Carrie Jo and Ashland Stuart uncovered the truth about the ghosts of Seven Sisters, they were sure that the supernatural activity would end When they return home to Mobile after their honeymoon, they soon realize they were wrong not everyone is at rest Something or someone is reaching out to the dream catcher And this time, lives are in the balanceAfter a tragic accident, Carrie Jo uses her gift to help a hurting friend in a new way with hair raising results In a true good versus evil showdown, Carrie Jo witnesses the ghosts of the past struggle with one another What will she and her friends have to sacrifice for evil to be defeated

10 thoughts on “The Stars that Fell

  1. Traci Traci says:

    Okay, this is the second series I have read from this author I love her style of story telling, however this book was very disorganized This book takes places months after the 3rd book, and a character that was killed in the 3rd book is now alive and sending mail to Carrie Jo from a mental institutionwhat Also, the ending was super weird Were Bette and TD ghosts all along, how did they

  2. Kelly Jarvis Kelly Jarvis says:

    another great book from the seven sisters series just when you thought it was over another twist in the tale appears, onto the next

  3. RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) says:

    It had potential Problems 1 This book left too many unanswered questions Books 1,2,and 3 also left unanswered questions 2 I understand that books can have cliffhangers I think books 1 through 4 should be combine together I do not like wasting money I do not like false marketing When I book a book, I want the complete book 3 I am only finishing this series for I have a Bachelor in history I wou

  4. Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams says:

    And the story continuesThis next installment tells another story of the Cottonwood family This time it s from the perspective of Calpurnia s mother, Christine Beaumont Cottonwood More family secrets are uncovered and once again, Carrie Jo s life is plagued with intrusions from the supernatural Now, however, her dreams are not the only place the ghosts of the pasts can be found they have decided to

  5. Brittany Brittany says:

    I ve been avoiding writing any reviews on the individual books and was planning to wait till I completed the series, but the abrupt epilogue was just weird I m assuming since there are two books left in the series it ll get cleared up, but it was just a terrible shift in my opinion I ve grown less interested in the story with each new book unfortunately Hopefully the last two redeem the series.

  6. Karel Karel says:

    Awesome What can I say Another excellent book in the Seven Sisters Series. The fourth book in the series was quite different There were many possessions which kept you moving quickly I think you will find this book as exciting as the others Now on to Book 5 Come join me

  7. Kelly Graban Kelly Graban says:

    TouchingThis book was such a touching story A story of timeless love, honor and true friendship I really look forward to reading the next book This authoress has a style of writing that is very refreshing and truly remarkable.

  8. Kel Amstutz Kel Amstutz says:

    Read this book in 2 days That says a lot It was captivating, in a way that the others books were not I think that the mystery is slowing being solved, evolving, and it causes the books to read faster, the details clearer and meatier READ This series is incredible.

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    Gave three stars because the series has a good premise but you really have to be able to follow the writing style The author started doing the past and present viewpoints from different characters so a few times I lost track of which character was telling the story at the time.

  10. Ann Willson Ann Willson says:

    Good light readingRead this series on vacation It s good light reading and the author keeps the plot flowing smoothly Keeps your interest.

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