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Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas Shirley Valentine meets Sons of Anarchy in this raunchy, red hot read Lana Saunders is on a mission find the new Lana , the real Lana After twenty years spent as a prim and proper businessman s wife, she s finally swapped beige cotton for black leather, and cardigans for tattoo sleeves With the ink only just dry on her divorce papers, she s ready to live it up in VegasWhat she doesn t expect is to meet wickedly sexy biker, Eddie and is shocked when he asks her out Not only does he send her sex starved libido into overdrive, but the connection between them is unlike anything she s ever experienced So when Eddies asks her to stay with him in Vegas, the desire to fall into this gorgeous man s bed and stay there forever is too tempting to ignore Living with Eddie in Las Vegas is the most fun Lana s had in years especially when he shows her that there s than one way to ride on a Harley but soon she realises she can t ignore her old life forever, particularly when her ex, Adam shows up determined to win her back Author Michelle Betham gives Jackie Collins a run for her money in SHIRLEY VALENTINE GOES TO VEGAS, a story about what happens when you realise that life isn t what you thought it would be

About the Author: Michelle Betham

I ve been writing all my life, but started writing seriously almost 2 years ago, in that time completing 3 novels.I m an independent author self publishing my novels as eBooks only for the time being born in the North East of England I started my working life as an office manager and then a Nursery Nurse before going back to college as a mature student at 26 to train in the Performing Arts, becoming a Media Technician at the University of Sunderland for many years until my husband and I upped sticks in 2004 to move to the Spanish Canarian island of Tenerife, where we lived for a couple of years.And it was on my return to the UK that I decided to give writingserios thought, finally deciding to try and fulfill my dream and go for it shortly after I turned 41.I now live in County Durham, spend almost every day thinking up new stories and creating new characters and I love it I just want to write stories that people want to read, and hopefully enjoy Stories that give people the chance to escape everyday life and live in another world for a while They re the kind of books I like to read, and they re the kind of books I like to write.

10 thoughts on “Shirley Valentine Goes to Vegas

  1. Bridget Bridget says:

    Not about Shirley Valentine

  2. Jane Hunt Jane Hunt says:

    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google Lana Saunders is a likeable Shirley Valentine character, living the dream in Las Vegas, rather than the Greece.Lana knows her marriage isn t going to be as exciting twenty years on but she is escaping fromthan the routine Lana is fighting for her individuality, tired of

  3. Jo Jo says:

    I loved the fact that the main character was from Newcastle, I always do a little happy dance when my part of the country is the setting of a book, or the home town birthplace of the characters I liked the sentiment of the story, the second chance at love message it conveyed, BUT I did not like the back and forth love triangle view spoiler I don t mind love triangles in books, bu

  4. Rachel Gilbey Rachel Gilbey says:

    3.5 StarsThis to me felt like a book of two halves I loved the first half and then felt it lost its way a bit in the second half of it I think this is because I loved Eddie, and how Lana was when she was with Eddie, and when her ex husband Adam came back into the picture, I started to lose respect for Lana, and I didn t really take to him either I think I fell a bit in love with Eddie, an

  5. Agi Agi says:

    I tried, I really tried, but I just couldn t, I abandoned this book after 35% absolutely not for me.

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