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Hot Flash Explodes like a shot to the heart Lisa Black, New York Times bestselling author In this thrilling debut novel from Carrie H Johnson, one woman with a dangerous job and a volatile past is feeling the heat from all sides READY, AIM She sweats every detail as a forensic firearms specialist and as a forty something single mother She s got responsibilities than she can count, baggage than she wants to claim, and way too many regrets But Muriel Mabley will do whatever it takes to put Philadelphia s most vicious killer in lockdown for good BURN Until her troubled younger sister in witness protection receives a terrifying warning and Muriel s long time partner, Laughton, reveals he knows than he should about her and Muriel s shattered past And when Laughton s ex wife and her new husband turn up dead, his own secrets will send Muriel down a twisted trail of lethal leads, disappeared witnesses, and the ultimate wrenching betrayal A lively and clever novel that will dare you to put it down The reader will leave fingerprints pressed into the cover of this one Top of the must read list John Lutz, New York Times bestselling author Muriel Mabley has hot flashes, a hot new love, and a heap of deadly cold secrets that will destroy everyone she loves A gripping, fast paced debut novel Valerie Wilson Wesley, author of The Tamara Hayle Mysteries A heartfelt, well crafted read Muriel is the perfect combination of vulnerability and intelligence Anika Nailah, author of Free Other Stories Hot Flash left me breathless and blown away from page one Karen Holmes Ward, Director of Public Affairs Host of CityLine, WCVB ChannelBoston

About the Author: Carrie H. Johnson

Carrie H Johnson has been published in the Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, and Worcester Telegram and Gazette She received her MA in Journalism from Northeastern University and is currently a professor teaching communication and business courses at Worcester State University, Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, and The Center for Women and Enterprise in Boston, MA.

10 thoughts on “Hot Flash

  1. Monica **can& Monica **can& says:

    Hot Flash is an enjoyable first book in Johnson s debut series Muriel Mabley The story features Muriel Mabley, a strong middle aged African American woman dealing with her changing body due to the onset of menopause, thus the literal hot flashes that often happen at the most inconvenient time Muriel is facing many changes in both her personal and professional life She is faced with her chan

  2. Kelsea Kelsea says:

    Not very believable realistic but enjoyable enough that I m giving it four stars anyway Also, the main character is a middle aged, African American female weapons specialist YASSS I ve found so few decent diverse thrillers.Looking forward to readingMuriel books She s such a fun, badass main character.

  3. Megalion Megalion says:

    Now this was interesting.A cop thriller starring a 49 year old black woman who is beginning the 2nd rite of passage for women, MENOPAUSE Made for a very interesting flavor to the book.It also doesn t have a neat singular plot Which for me adds another element of realism.It s refreshing to have a female lead who does not at all see her life as being over at 49 We have many books with male detectives of that a

  4. Traycee30 Traycee30 says:

    This book got on my nerves but I felt like I had to finish it It started out slow to me Iwas ready to get to the good part I hated how Laughton wouldn t answer questions and would just walk around from Muriel And what happened to Mr Kim.

  5. Cardyn Brooks Cardyn Brooks says:

    A balanced combination of sophistication and grittiness makes Hot Flash a compelling read for fans of intriguing mystery sagas about complicated characters who find themselves in what appear at first glance to be lose lose circumstances Firearms expert Officer Muriel Mabley has a lot of professional and personal responsibilities that collide in devastating ways Throw in a current budding romance and a variety of past misdeeds

  6. Bina Bina says:

    Great thriller, loved the main character Will definitely be reading book 2.

  7. Kelani Kelani says:

    I got this book for free on the first read giveaways on goodreads It was a fantastic book Not only was Muriel bad ass, but a strong independent woman She was the glue that held everything together Her sister Nareece was a bit of a mess and that holds true when 20 years of secrets come around to haunt these women Also, there is a few plot twists that kept me captivated in this book Oh and I just love Dulcey She keeps it real and speaks her mind

  8. Michael Bell Michael Bell says:

    I loved the authors alliterative style I found a few holes in the story though Laughton is the brother of one of the main characters in the story Hie face was supposedly changed after his Father tried to have him killed I don t think your voice or mannerisms can change Boone should have known who he was M and Nareeece are sisters who both have bad luck in men I loved that it was a Philly based novel A crooked police officer was a big part of the chase

  9. J. Ewbank J. Ewbank says:

    I did enjoy this book by Johnson The main character was well sketched out and one got to know here well, even with the hot flashes, which did provide some humor in a book that is mostly a mystery or detective story The plot was well done and kept you occupied in wondering what was going to happen next.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms Wesley s Wars To Whom It May Concern and Tell Me About the United Methodist Church

  10. Michaela Michaela says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book.I liked the main character, a strong woman starting menopause But I found the writing a little bit uneven , it didn t flow and the story never really gripped me So I would give it 3.5 stars.I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway.

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