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Periscope Your Biz: Live Video Broadcasting for Profits Periscope Your Biz Live Video Broadcasting for Profits Learn how you can utilize the power of Periscope in your business, to expand your reach and get your message in front of live viewers from all across the world, while driving traffic to your own website, products and services Here s what you ll find inside How to Master Periscope Live Video Broadcasting Like a Pro Navigate the Periscope App with Ease Both IOS and Android How to Use Periscope to Build Your Brand and Drive Traffic to Your Business How to Narrow Down Your Target Market and Get Your Scopes Seen by Your Ideal Client Build a Devoted Group of Followers Who Are Waiting for Your Next Broadcast Learn the Top Mistakes to Avoid BEFORE You Begin Craft a Compelling Title to Get More Viewers to Join Your Scopes How to Set an Interesting Thumbnail for Each Broadcast Create a Compelling Elevator Pitch that You can Use for Your Scope Intro Learn HOW and WHEN to Ask for Hearts, Follows, and Shares Learn How to Engage and Interact with Your Viewers Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Live Broadcasting Learn Clever Ways to Leverage the Power of Periscope into Your Own Business How to Cross promote Between Periscope and Twitter Learn How to Save Your Scopes and Publish them Beyond Periscope and much This book is an extension of my online course Periscope Your Biz Live Video Broadcasting for Profits

About the Author: Shanda Trofe

Shanda Trofe is a publishing consultant and author coach specializing in book writing and marketing strategies for first time authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs She aims to educate authors not only on the business of writing and publishing, but also how to grow an empire based on the core concepts of their published work Shanda takes pride in mentoring her clients with a variety of techniques to leverage them as a top authority in their niche while creating an online presence thus, increasing their sales by list building, advanced marketing strategies and sales funnel techniques.To date, Shanda has assisted in the publication and launch of over 1001 bestsellers Additionally, she is the bestselling author of many books including Authorpreneur How to Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR ity in Your Business.

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