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Here I Am This Edition Has Been Cancelled By The Publisher.

10 thoughts on “Here I Am

  1. Elyse Elyse says:

    Here I Am , is one of those type of books that is likely to receive every possible ratingdepending on the readers perspective Readers can easily justify their options, positive or negative Rather than get tangled with debates about this

  2. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    If you piled up all the novels which make excruciating forensic microscopic sorrowful comedy out of failing marriages you could make a new Watts Tower out of them, there are so many, and somebody should really do that as an ART STATEMENT, it s lik

  3. Violet wells Violet wells says:

    Whatever happened to editors I once read a biography of Max Perkins, editor to Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe, among others The deal back then seemed to be that a manuscript arriving at the offices was 70% done Perkins then gave his 10% and the fina

  4. Rebecca Foster Rebecca Foster says:

    2.5 Is it a simple account of the implosion of two Washington, D.C fortysomethings marriage Or is it a sweeping epic of Judaism from the biblical patriarchs to imagined all out Middle Eastern warfare Can it succeed in being both I didn t really think so If this was s

  5. Helene Jeppesen Helene Jeppesen says:

    This was my first read by Jonathan Safran Foer and it was BEAUTIFUL It wasn t the writing which a lot of people seem to praise him for that affected me the most Actually, it s hard to put a finger on what exactly it was But several times during my reading of this novel I almos

  6. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    Let me be clear, I only award one star to books I fail to finish I failed to finish this book In fact, I d barely started it I was probably nothan an hour into this chunky seventeen hour audio version And I don t think I ve ever given up any book that early.The problems for me were 1 I

  7. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    DNF Just wasn t for me.

  8. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    Full review to come.

  9. Jaline Jaline says:

    Sometimes Jacob convinced himself it was better with the swearing and brief flashes of nudity removed, that they were there only because the freedom to do such things had to be justified by exercising itThis referenced a TV show that Jacob was a writer for, and my wish is that Jacob could have told the author not to

  10. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    Since the moment I heard that the god of contemporary authors, Jonathan Safran Foer, was going to be releasing a new novel, the barely concealed bookworm inside me has been almost continually squealing with excitement Whilst markedly different to the original information Escape from Children s Hospital was supposed to be rele

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