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Call Me, Maybe Clementine Daly Knows She S The Black Sheep Her Wealthy, Powerful Family Has Watched Her Very Closely Since She Almost Got Caught In An Embarrassing Scandal A Few Years Ago So When Clementine S Sent On A Mission To Live Up To The Daly Name, Politely Declining Isn T Even An Option Of Course, The Last Thing Clementine Does Before Departure Is Grab A Stranger S Phone By Mistake Leaving The Hunky Journalist With Her Phone Soon His Sexy Voice Is On The Line, But He Doesn T Know Her Real Name, Or Her Famous Pedigree Which Is Just The Way Clementine Likes It.Despite All The Hassles, Justin Mueller Is Intrigued To Realize That The Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl He Met At The Airport Is Suddenly At His Fingertips They Agree To Exchange Phones When They Re Both Back In Town, But After A Week Of Flirty Texts And Wonderfully Intimate Conversations, Justin Doesn T Want To Let Her Go That Easy The Only Problem It Turns Out That Clemetine Has Been Lying To Him About, Well, Everything Except For The One Thing Two People Can T Fake, The Only Thing That Matters The Heat Between Them Is For Real.

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  1. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    Maybedon t call me.I started this review at 3 starsthen I dropped it to 2 starsbut I really can t commit to either It was JUST OK.I m going to keep this review short and sweetish This book didn t really work for me I didn t HATE it, I just didn t really like it The chick was self absorbed Even when she had people telling her to her face how self absorbed she was, she went back to her fancy apa

  2. XxTainaxX XxTainaxX says:

    Clementine and Justin accidentally switch phones and end up with a connection to each other The story had its cute moments and their witty banter made for an interesting exchange The chemistry is where it fell a little flat for me On the phone it seemedpresent than after they got together Then there s the call she keeps from him That part just seems silly Justin felt very dry and almost cold to me

  3. Aimee ♥ | Aimee, Always Aimee ♥ | Aimee, Always says:

    Call Me, Maybe is the FIRST Ellie Cahill Liz Czukas book I didn t finish There wasn t anything particularly HORRIBLE about it, but the pacing was way too fast and it was just, to be frank, boring I couldn t force myself to read another word DNF at around 50%.Full review to come

  4. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    2.5 I don t think you have anything to say that I would want to hear right now Stars.I am not a stranger to Ellie Cahill s writing, When Joss Met Matt was a very pleasant read for me back in 2015 Call Me, Maybe started off in a similarly enjoyable vein, I am a huge fan of a romance building and playing out with the inclusion of texts and emails in to its mix, but Call Me, Maybe seemed to lose its momentum

  5. Danielle (Love at First Page) Danielle (Love at First Page) says:

    3.5 4 starsWell, well, well, wasn t this an adorable book I have some complaints, but after finishing it I sort of wanted to squish it death I think the whole falling in love over the phone thing really worked for me Of course, our heroine and hero eventually meet up well before the halfway point, actually but their dialogue and conversation continue to be fantastic, and their phone calls never dwindle There

  6. Brittany (The Book Addict& Brittany (The Book Addict& says:

    Initial Impressions 12 21 15 UGHHH this pains me butlike 3.5 stars than 4 CALL ME, MAYBE started off SUPER DUPER cute but I really lost steam with it once it hit the halfway point and Clementine s insecurities started kicking in I just have a really, really hard time with plots where a girl sabotages herself with insecuri...

  7. Marla Mei Marla Mei says:

    It s cute and a bit too insta lovey for my taste but what can I say I m biased when it comes to Liz Czukas Ellie Cahill I just can t bring myself to rate her books less than three stars even though in my opinion, she writes better YA than NA Just like Joss and Matt, the beginning of the book made me feel super squishy inside because it was just too damn adorable But once again, I had to read through characters who ar

  8. Jen Jen says:

    DNF 52%The writing is actually pretty good but for the life of me I can t connect with either of the main characters Clementine s love that name and her poor little rich girl, need to find myself predicament has officially worked my last good nerve ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exch...

  9. Markéta Markéta says:

    3 stars Okay This was bit of a let down Clementine is a bookworm, but her talks about books just annoyed the crap out of me I don t know why, maybe because I love books and everything about them and I probably felt teritorial about it, like I can be the only one who is a bookworm She also has a bookblog that is sucessful, which I m jealous of and she has the money and place to buy and store books But she seemed really shallo

  10. Mandy Mandy says:

    3.5This was a really cute story Strangers at an airport, Clementine and Justin accidentally switch phones They start a text friendship in the week before they meet in person to return their phones to each other Between cute texts and a few phone calls, they develop a fast friendship with feelings of wantingThese two were completely adorable together I loved the chemistry and easy friendship they developed over texts I really enj

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