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Jacknife No One Captures The True Spirit Of America Like William W Johnstone And J.A Johnstone Jacknifeis Their Most Pulse Pounding And Timely Thriller Yet America Is Under Attack And This Time, It S Not New York City Or Washington.A Sleeper Cell Of Middle Eastern Terrorists Are Targeting The Heartland An All American Superstore On Opening Day, Right Outside Of Fort Worth, Texas The Day After Thanksgiving As Insurance, The Terrorists Have Also Hidden A Suitcase Nuke Somewhere In The Store Which They Plan To Detonate A Strike Fifty Times Worse Than 9 11 That Will Paralyze America A Plot To Cripple The CountryBrad Parker Is The Lone American Intelligence Agent Who Uncovers The Plot After A Raid On A Terrorist Training Camp In Pakistan But Parker Is One Man Up Against The Inept Bureaucracy Of Homeland Security And The State Department Who Refuse To Listen.and Now It S Too Late They Call Him JacknifeThe Only Thing Stopping The Kill Crazy Terrorists Is Already Inside The Superstore A Truck Driving, Former Special Forces Op Named John Jacknife McCabe He S Where The Perfect Terror Plan Is About To Blow Apart Because Jacknife Won T Go Down Without A Fight And With This Guy As Leader, The Terrorists Will Find Their Way To Paradise A Lot Sooner Than They Think.

10 thoughts on “Jacknife

  1. Dorothy Deusing Dorothy Deusing says:

    Fast moving Johnstone style Love his no holds bar action Gets you thinking about the world around you This book hooks you do you don t want to stop reading Can t wait for the next one.Thank for such good reading material why can t you accept my review with fewer words

  2. Ian D. Fetigan Ian D. Fetigan says:

    Off to vote.Great storyline line but way to politicised Go red white and blue and all that A guest appearance by John Wayne would not have surprised me.

  3. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Terrorists target U.S commercialismI read William W Johnstone s westerns off and on over the years and enjoyed them This is a modern day story about terrorists on U.S soil.I m not quite sure of the logistics of how Johnstone s current books are being written since he passed away in 2004 From looking around on the Web, it looks like J.A Johnstone worked clos

  4. Rob Smith Rob Smith says:

    Jacknife is just plain fun A well written battle through nutty folks who think they will take over the world one large over sized department store at a time.The Johnstone Clan seems to have connected a ghostwriter of earlier thrillers to this book as it reads much like a few others with similar characters Can t recall if I ve written this before, but there i

  5. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    Not a bad book but was pretty predictable once you got into it For a Johnstone book it was a tad of a let down which makes me wonder if this was a ghost written book from notes he had left after his death The idea behind the book is a takeover of a major shopping center on Black Friday by a terrorist group Not a bad idea of course but it was very easy to figu

  6. Randy Randy says:

    Terrorist plan to blow up the grand opening of the UltraMegamart in Fort Worth, Texas Holding hundreds of customers hostage, only one man inside has the guts to challenge them John Jackknife McCabe is ex special forces He s fought terrorists on their home ground Now they are on his.

  7. Dan Panke Dan Panke says:

    William W Johnstone escapes from the western genre and writes a modern day thriller A large department store is taken over by terrorists.

  8. Andy Andy says:

    I love this author The audiobook produced by Grafic Audio was fun to listen to while driving.

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