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Seducing the Heiress Marry in haste, seduce at leisure Friends who flirt that s corporate attorney Farrah Blake and high tech security expert Robert Gold Farrah, second of the wealthy Blake triplets, has no intention of acting on her attraction to the notorious bachelor Until a business trip to Sin City turns into a wild and wanton weekend that leaves her with an unforgettable souvenir a wedding ring Robert has made his share of romantic mistakes, but marrying the gorgeous, no nonsense Farrah isn t one of them Though he reluctantly agrees to her divorce request, he s hoping to change her mind Trouble is, he ll have to deceive her in order to do it And though all s fair in love and Vegas, gambling with the truth could cost Robert a love he s willing to stake his heart on

10 thoughts on “Seducing the Heiress

  1. Tanishia Pearson Tanishia Pearson says:

    MY REVIEW OF SEDUCING THE HEIRESS BY Martha KennersonIt s been nine months since I ve read a book in a day Today, Seducing the Heiress changed that From start to finish, the characters appealed to me and insisted that I stick with them to the very end When my kindle died, I used my husband s kindle unti

  2. Karen Karen says:

    Another awesome love story by Martha Kennerson These Blake Triplets are something else They are tough as nails, but they are also true romantics once they fall in love Seducing the Heiress is a continuation from Protecting the Heiress but it involves the middle triplet, Farrah, the lawyer and Robert, the

  3. Shannan Harper Shannan Harper says:

    The next installment of the Blake Sister s Trilogy, and this one involves sister Farrah and the man she s trying not to fall for, Robert The scenes were so vivid i felt as if I were looking into a window of their lives It was also great to see characters from previous stories Loved the interaction between

  4. Enecia Enecia says:

    Love FarrahFarrah is my favorite of the Blake triplets Her and Robert s story is fun, but also endearing as we watch him prove to her who he is and that his feelings for her are not a fling This is a great series.

  5. Shone Shone says:

    A good read Martha.

  6. Dorel Dorel says:

    This is the 3rd book I read by Martha Kennerson I m sorry but my favorite book in this series is Tempting The Heiress This one didn t grab my interest either, this one was boring to me too.

  7. Joyce Hudson Joyce Hudson says:

    This review is from Seducing the Heiress The Blake Sisters Mass Market Paperback Love the Blake sisters This is the second book that I have read by Martha Kennerson and I must say that I loved it and I am a big fan of sequels, trilogies and continuity series.Loved the chemistry between Robert and Farrah that

  8. Toni Toni says:

    Farrah Blake and Robert Gordon have been tip toeing around their attraction for awhile It comes to a head in Vegas where they end up married on a dare Robert feels this is his chance to win Farrah over, and prove that he loves her Farrah feels it s a mistake and wants a divorce Robert is willing to gamble and

  9. Marilyn Diamond Marilyn Diamond says:

    I laughed through this whole book Corporate sabotage is no laughing matter you say and you are correct, however I laughed at Farrah and Robert Gold Such an endearing love story Family and family business is everything High tech Cyber sabotage is a serious matter an watching the series enfold and how this family

  10. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Kennerson uses amazing imagery, which stimulates the senses and make readers feel like they are in the novel RT Book Reviews.Miniseries The Blake Sisters Kennerson uses amazing imagery, which stimulates the senses and make readers feel like they are in the novel RT Book Reviews.Miniseries The Blake Sisters

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