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Sappho Intl What if there was a group of rich and powerful lesbians whose sole purpose in life was to carry on the legacy of Sappho And what if one of these women propositioned YOU to sleep with her in exchange for a million dollars unlimited power Would YOU accept And to what end would you pledge your allegiance to this mysterious woman her organization SAPPHO INTERNATIONAL SONGS OF SILK II is the modern sequel that chronicles the erotic adventures of Max Silk, as she continues to make her way through to the inner vault of the Sapphic Trust Our androgynous heroine begins this new chapter of her journey by fulfilling her duties as an on call stud for members of the secret society And with the frequent travel abroad, vichokengtitiktitikchokeng access to parties with beautiful women a steady stream of income, Silk s floating on cloud nine But just when the altitude seems to have reached an acceptable median, she gets a call that changes everything for her Silk s spirit is tested, as she must hurdle the obstacles that continue to mount against her She learns to conquer mind soul over body, as she taps into the rich history of her bloodline to live up to the reputation that precedes her and shoulder the weight of the future of the Trust

About the Author: Mvxx.Amillivn

An alumnus of the University of Central Florida, Maxx.Amillian has been a proud and colorful stallion of the sapphic community for 20 years As a world traveler and global citizen, she s lived and experienced many cities such as Miami, Key West, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and all points in between She continues her exporations with her soulmate of 10 years.

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