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Stepbrother Wow! (Stepbrother #1) Mia Has Always Been One Of The Guys, And With Her Friends In The Phi Kappa Alpha Fraternity It S No Different But When One Of The Senior Members Of The Frat, Jaxon, Starts To Pay Attention To Her, She Isn T Sure Whether To Go For The Attractive And Athletic Guy Or To Just Keep Things The Way They Ve Always Been Her Mind Is Made Up When Jaxon Makes A Move But Then She S Thrown Into Confusion As He Goes Out Of His Way To Ignore And Snub Her After They Sleep Together Mia Decides To Move On With Her Life Right Up Until Her Mother Announces Her Marriage, And Introduces Her To Her New Stepbrother Wow.

10 thoughts on “Stepbrother Wow! (Stepbrother #1)

  1. Mariℓina Mariℓina says:

    2,5 Stars.A short story with a twist that the reader knows from the beginning It was interesting and maybe i will eventually read the next part.Mia, is one of the guys kind of girl She recently started coll

  2. ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ says:

    Mia and Jaxson are new college friends They share many common interest one of them is their love for sport Mia s love for sport is what made her get accepted in the Frat house Jaxson is part of and so loved

  3. Veronica LaRoche Veronica LaRoche says:

    I really liked this book Mia being a tomboy and hanging with the frat guys, she is really into Jaxon With flirting and her thinking nothing off it But when they are alone Jaxon makes the first move on Mia Jax

  4. Wilmarie Wilmarie says:

    NeedJaxon and MiaNow that s what I m talking about Need to get to the next one ASAP Jason was a big jerk, hopefully not for long

  5. Claire Claire says:

    An easy to read stepbrother romance 5 book series so here s your cliff hanger warning Not too brain taxing, takes approx an hour to read each book However, an issue I found with each book was a tendency for a l

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    This is a great book.Its great I love the bacjstiry and attention to detail Story progresses quickly.

  7. Neliey Neliey says:

    Mia is confident about what she wants and she finds ways to make sure she gets it She has a wonderful group of friends from the frat house who have basically adopted her into it She is the only girl who they cons

  8. Nerdy Chic Nerdy Chic says:

    Stepbrother WOW is the first in a serial by author Clare Adams and truthfully, for a short book, it packs a lot We meet Jaxon and Mia as friends in college, Mia having been adopted in to the Phi Kappa Alpha Frat,

  9. Sal Sal says:

    It depends on how you read it If you just want something mindless, a quick read, it s fine, certainly fills that bill But if you actually like to get into a book, and the characters, it doesn t work There is not a

  10. Maria York Maria York says:

    A great stepbrother read I received the whole series and read it in one sitting I loved the whole stepbrother thing it was amazing The sex, the twists, the ass of a dad and the heart of a mom It s a bit different fr

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