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The Girls of October The Girls of October tells the story of a young woman who develops a strange fascination with John Carpenter s Halloween, believing that somewhere within thehorror classic lays the truth behind an arcane force that has terrorized her since her childhoodAs an escape from a world that has not always been kind, film student Beverly Dreger takes comfort in spooky urban legends, horror movies, and monster magazines But when a string of bizarre murders draws her closer to the folkloric entity known as the bogeyman, Beverly must unravel the mystery of her past and confront an ancient evilAn epistolary novel, The Girls of October collects fictional primary sources newspaper articles, film criticism, screenplays, short stories, interviews, police reports, and to tell a chilling story of psychosis, family secrets, and murder

About the Author: Josh Hancock

Josh Hancock is a teacher and author His first novel, THE GIRLS OF OCTOBER Burning Bulb Publishing , is inspired by his love of all things horror especially Tobe Hooper s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, William Friedkin s The Exorcist, and John Carpenter s Halloween His second novel, THE DEVIL AND MY DAUGHTER, will be released in the spring of 2016, also by Burning Bulb.

10 thoughts on “The Girls of October

  1. Jake Miller Jake Miller says:

    What s up, my spooky little ghouls It s the Halloween season, and I am in the mood to get scared I have gone horror crazy I ve bought scary books and scary movies and tickets to Fall Activities I am the sucker that people market for when September rol

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is the second book I ve read this year of that sort of found footage genre a story told through newspaper articles, stories written by children, interview transcripts, etc but I enjoyed this onethan Sleeping Giants because I think Josh Hancock really mas

  3. Christina Christina says:

    Well written and uniquely crafted, The Girls of October is a chilling composition I jumped into the novel blindly and to say I became hooked is an understatement I m grateful I didn t start this before bed because I never would have slept through the night Almost imm

  4. Spookylady Spookylady says:

    I ve read a number of epistolary novels, such as Nick Bantock s Griffin and Sabine series, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, Bram Stoker s Dracula and Stephen King s Carrie.Following this unique style, The Girls of October is the story of Beverly, a young woman whose life has b

  5. Coffee with Lacey Coffee with Lacey says:

    When I first picked up the book s , I was intrigued I usually read the traditional stories whether they are in first person of third person There is a story line to it that would lead you to climax at the end of the book But, in the books by Josh Hancock, they were writtenlike a fil

  6. Micah Unice Micah Unice says:

    The last novel that creeped me out enough to sleep with a light on was House of Leaves That was 17 years ago I may have a weaker disposition in my 30 s, but I m still just as much of a horror hound, and this book raised my hackles Like HoL, it s found footage for the brain Unlike HoL, it s

  7. G.A.Monster G.A.Monster says:

    A modern day horror masterpiece Ever fan of horror movies, books, horror of any kind, will love this definitive story of the bogeyman.

  8. Jesse Jesse says:

    3.5 4.A really engrossing and enigmatic horror novel from local author Josh Hancock Told in an epistolary format full of news articles, book excerpts, film essays and even screenplays and film treatments, it unfolds the story of Beverly Dreger, a horror film aficionado haunted by an abusive past and a stro

  9. CooperM CooperM says:

    Gutsy novel, told entirely through police reports, psychiatric interviews, newspaper and tabloid articles, radio plays, letters, horror essays, and film scripts It tells the story of a film student s obsession with the John Carpenter film Halloween without giving too much away, at a critical point in the story the

  10. Karen Karen says:

    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads The idea of this book appealed to me as having much potential However when I opened the book I was met by random dialog after dialog of what seemed like interviews of some kind The Dialog had very little introductions if any, so the whole book took on a chaotic to

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