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Before I Die O Livro Come A Com Um Desejo Nada Muito Complicado Tessa, A Jovem A Quem Restam Apenas Alguns Meses De Vida, Quer Ter Rela Es Sexuais Antes De Morrer E Quer Tamb M Conduzir S Escondidas , Experimentar Drogas, Roubar Coisas De Uma Loja Viver O Tempo Que Resta Cumprir Cada Item Da Lista Das 10 Coisas A Fazer Antes De Morrer Torna Se Assim A Nica Ambi O De Tessa Perante O Seu Imut Vel Destino.

10 thoughts on “Before I Die

  1. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    This book about broke my heart It s not as if I didn t know how it would end the title says it all, but I didn t expect to be touched by the story to such a degree.The premise of Before I Die is quite simple Tessa is 16 and dying of leukemia She knows that she has only a few months to live and struggles to come to terms with her fate Trying to make the best of

  2. Ari Ari says:

    This review can be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.comI don t really know what to say about this book I didn t like it that much, but I didn t hate it either. The bad For the most part of the story I didn t really care about Tessa, about her illness and her strange wishes as I never got attached to her I understand the desire to have a boyfriend, to be

  3. Penny Penny says:

    I feel like a jerk for not giving this story stars I mean, it s a book about a sixteen year old girl trying to live life to the fullest before dying of cancer I keep thinking only a heartless baby eating monster would give this book less then four stars Well, I suppose I am that monster, minus the whole baby eating thing.It s not like the premise failed to pull at my h

  4. Lacey Louwagie Lacey Louwagie says:

    I started this book wondering, Why am I reading this and I ended it wondering, Why did I read this But my two reasons for thinking these things were very different.In the beginning, I felt like this book would be a repetition of Skinny, a massive disappointment in which the author was enad with the idea of a sick, frail, floundering heroine The heroine in this book started o

  5. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    One of my favourite films of all time is the 2003 film My Life Without Me, about a dying woman who tries to fulfill her written list of things she wants to do, simultaneously learning to appreciate the life she s always regretted of teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school Before I Die released four years after the earlier film and bearing an uncanny resemblance

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    We know three pages into Before I Die that sixteen year old Tessa won t survive her leukemia and that there s plenty she still wants from life So she makes a list and vows to do everything on it before she dies.Like most teenagers, Tessa is at odds with her parents and angsty about how life s shortchanged her At first her ranting and left field demands seem too adolescent Isn t the lo

  7. Lora Lora says:

    Actual rating 3.5 starsTessa s been battling leukemia since the age of twelve But now, when Tessa is sixteen, the doctors have told her that further treatment is futile and that there isn t much they can do.Realizing that she ll not be able to do all of the things that normal girls get to, she makes a list of ten things she wants to do before she dies This list includes everything from se

  8. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I am very appreciative of my public library withdrawing books from their collection and selling them for 20c It was on my TBR too, so even better.This was a very sweet story, well written and a sincere rendition involving a sixteen year old girls end of life The author captured the angst and wistfulness of Tessa, who ambitiously sets herself a list of things to achieve before she dies Family re

  9. Flannery Flannery says:

    Tessa has been treated for leukemia for the past four years Now, since her treatment options have been exhausted, she is spending her last few months completing a list of things she wants to do before she dies The list includes some predictable items breaking a few laws, driving, having sex and a few curveballs experiencing love, getting her parents back together but most of the book is dedicated to

  10. Nicola Nicola says:

    This is a morbid little story Beautiful, but morbid I can t help thinking that the author demands instant literary kudos simply by dealing with the uncomfortable subject of teenage death Unfortunately, I don t think the novel quite deserves that kudos It provides no great profundity and, though poignant, I can t help but think it compares poorly to the 2003 movie, My Life Without Me.For a start, the cent

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