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Dermo!: The Real Russian Tolstoy Never Used Not Even Tolstoy Would Dare Use The Eyebrow Raising Russian You Ll Find In This Wickedly Humorous Language Guide By One Of Russia S Bestselling Novelists Today Whether You Re Traveling To Russia For The First Time Or You Are A Student Of The Language, This Indispensable Book Is Your Entree To The Real And New Russian That Has Never Been Taught You Ll Be Ard With Triple Decker Curses And Insults, Endearments And Expressions For Situations Ranging From High Level Business Meetings To Cocktail Parties To Sexual Encounters Filled With Words, Idioms, And Vulgarisms You Won T Learn In A Classroom, Plus Twenty Hilarious Line Drawings And A Complete Index To Vital Expletives, Dermo Will Provide You With The Uncensored Answers To The Questions You Always Wanted To Knowbut No Translator Would Ever Tell You This is a fantastic book I recommend, specially the chapter on Lovemaking Russian style very instructive Mr Topol is my former next door neighbor in New York City and this is a tremendous book It made me want to go over to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn immediately thereafter. Definitely a hilarious, albeit foul, book overall Those learning Russian as a second language will be somewhat appalled at all the very rude things one can say in Russian it s a very sweary language I love learning new things about the Russian language, so I enjoyed this But don t kid yourself, anyone, actual Russians do not go around talking like this Don t attempt to use the vast majority of the slang in this book u this is a REALLY good book that simultaneously teaches you fun and or dirty russian words not that i know any russian while giving you insight into russian culture not that i know anything about russian cul This book inspired me and changed my view of Russian culture It also amused the hell out of my Russian host sister and she almost peed her pants laughing True insight into the dirtier side of the Russian soul One of the highlights of my Russian education at the Illinois Math and Science Academy.

About the Author: Edward Topol

Edward Vladimirovich Topol Russian real name Topelberg Russian born 8 October 1938 is a Russian novelist.Born in Baku, Topol spent his teenage years finishing local school in Baku and graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University 1 He also did his military service in Estonia He worked as journalist for newspapers such as Bakinskiy Rabochiy and

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