kindle The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories By Shinichi Hoshi –

The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories Collection ofscience fiction short shorts from Shinichi Hoshi

About the Author: Shinichi Hoshi

Shinichi Hoshi Japanese is recognized as one of Japan s most influential science fiction writers of all time, He publishedthan 1,000 of his signature short short stories Some call his crisp, no frills prose the Haiku of Science Fiction.

10 thoughts on “The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories

  1. Nux Nux says:

    This is my first sci fi Japanese short stories and as it happens, also one of the first books in English that I read The phrases are succint, stories very very simple yet interesting, down to earth believable intergallactical stories I read and reread it, and haven t changed my mind nor bored of it after so many years _

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