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Her Marine (Military Quickies #2) One extra curvy author One extra ripped Marine Four years of marriage One day of passion Logan Wilde is a moderately successful mystery thriller author, a military wife, and a well loved curvy girl Sergeant Russell Wilde, aka Rage, doesn t do soft or sensual He s a hard man, a hard soldier, and a hard lover He doesn t share and he doesn t believe in mercy, but he does believe a real man puts his woman first Always

10 thoughts on “Her Marine (Military Quickies #2)

  1. Patricia DeChant Kieffer Patricia DeChant Kieffer says:

    Her Marine Military Quickies By Christin Lovell HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, Yes this is a short story, standalone book I want this Marine, He worships her body and her mind, what could be hotter than that I liked that is was short and to the point.

  2. Miss Lazy LeftEye Miss Lazy LeftEye says:

    Well It was short That s probably the nicest thing, there is to say about this I am not even gonna list all the things wrong with this, since the list would go on forever Let s just say, watching grass grow in winter is probablygiving, than what this. THIS story has to offer Don t bother.

  3. Annie Annie says:

    Loved Lo and RageLogan is a extra curvy women married to a hard Marine.Rage is a through back, his job is to take care of his women Lo is the most important person to Rage When he is home his world revolves around her Sometimes she has the need to take care of him.A sweet and steamy short romance Great lunch time or mental health read.

  4. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    I received this ARC from the author for a honest review Logan Wilde is a moderately successful mystery thriller author and a well loved curvaceous military wife She has been married to Rage for four years and their love and passion is still as strong as the day they got married.Sergeant Russell Wilde, also known as Rage is a Marine and a loving husband Rage doesn t do soft

  5. Racy Racy says:

    This is a great short story about a military wife that is a writer and a husband that is a Sergeant in the marines It truly is a great read.Logan Wilde is a plus size woman who is not only passionate about her work but about her husband as well She truly believe that each day that is spent with him is truly a blessing So they do not dwell on the small stuff because at any momen

  6. Cara Ross Cara Ross says:

    Well Ms Christin Lovell is back with another delicious military short story This time we are dealing with a rough and tough Marine Sgt Russell Wilde lives up to his name He is wild for his curvy writer wife Logan Before her he was wild for all sorts of women, but from the moment he met Logan, he has only been wild for her curves But Russell has a no mercy approach to life, where it

  7. Jenny Harris Jenny Harris says:

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Rage and Logan Logan is a woman who hasfluff than most but that is what Rage loves about her In this book we have Rage who is a marine and wantsthan anything to be with his wife constantly be he knows what kind of man he is and what he does fits his personality perfectly Logan is a writer and is devoted to her husba

  8. Orma Mars Orma Mars says:

    A Little Different but GoodThis story is a little different from her other writings as it doesn t have them fighting huge oppositions, or dealing with major body issues that the female might have minor,very minor It sabout their relationship and their intense feelings for each other I like that it makes you want to find a man just like him One who is so crazy for you that when he is just look

  9. Maggie Baumann Maggie Baumann says:

    A must read This is a perfect short hot story I absolutely love everything that this author writes and you will too Her characters are relatable and so engaging I want me a Rage I can t wait to readin this series

  10. Deborah Deborah says:

    She Knows They Are Each Others EverythingThis is a quick smoking hot story of a young lady who is loved just because of who she ishis And him being loved because of who and how he makes her feel This is a feel good story you can t help but enjoy I did.

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