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Cracking The Code #bookreview #crackingthecode #ayushmannBook 63 week 31Cracking the code by Ayushmann KhuranaRating: 3/5A mildly interesting memoir by Ayushmann Khurana who shot to fame after his debut in Vicky Donor After reading Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar's autobiographies, this one felt a little bland However, it is an honest and simple narrative of the journey of a nobody from a small town who made it decently big Started off well, meandered in the middle, ended fine Had some gyaan, but thankfully not too much Written in a very colloquial way However, the Kindle version had many grammatical or punctuation mistakes, and overall, the book could have been edited better The language felt forced All in all, a short and sweet read, you can finish within an hour or so Available on Kindle unlimited Decent read but nothing you're missing our if you skip 3/5 cuz I find him super cute :) Summary: A very propagandistic book Although it's marketed as being frank and honest I felt that throughout the book there are lots of lies / parts where you feel he's lying.Here are some examples:* he says he's not sure why he won the Roadies Perhaps they liked him for being himself or perhaps it's because all the attacks bounced off him And later he says that he felt intimidated being around tall guys and people with perfect bodies Really? You're okay with comments that are the most ferocious across Indian channels and you're intimidated by people with perfect bodies? Doesn't sound genuine.* He says an embarassing moment for him was when participants were asked to strip to their underwear and wrestle with professional wrestlers And then he goes on to add that he wasn't calledin for wrestling because no one had a problem with him Really? Then why the hell did you bring it up? How was this embarassing? You came off with flying colors right.* He talks about one guy who has been his mentor throughout the times but that guy's name isn't mentioned anywhere After a while you get to know that that guy was the one having an attacker personality in the roadies He was the one who decided who was allowed in the show and who was out Besides this there's no other mention of him As you read the book you start doubting whether this guy really was his mentor? If he was then how come he's not mentioned anywhere else? And how convenient that a mentor of his is the person who makes the final call for who's in show.* He talks about taking whatever role life gives you, but all roles that are mentioned by him are of being successful already Makes you doubt whether he really means what he says.* Every incident that he recounts he comes off as a grand success or just somehow fitsin to what is acceptable socially Being first at everything And sometimes where he is not first he is still actually first in the end.Apart from the being first in everything is the happy for everything, everyone is great around me I can understand that he's an actor and maybe he has to be politically correct or he has to write in certain ways about other people if he wants to survive in the industry But what I dislike is the way he's marketed the book as being honest when it's actually a very controlled image being set It wasted my time because I picked up this book thinking that there'll be some learnings or I'll experience someone else's life i did not It was useless.He tries to put in learnings or code which some people have highlighted publicly on the Kindle reader and then gives an example to support that code I frequently found that the example doesn't really support that code For example take whatever life gives you followed by how some military guy couldn't come into the movies but is now creating a theatre play with his wife He also mentions the name of the play that his wife is creating now Meanwhile Ayush himself is shooting as a hero in movies Take whatever life gives you how the hell did he conclude that from this?The writing style is the only part of the book that really shines Ayushmann's writing style is really simple, and he communicates his ideas clearly, fluently Other than that this book sucks Thanks for wasting my time. This is an autobiography by the Bollywood Actor, TV show host, VJ, singer Ayushmann Khurana which has been cowritten by his wife Tahira Kashyap It talks of his journey from being an outsider to making it big in Bollywood Though the editing is sloppy, the book is an honest effort to encourage acting aspirants and code snippets for them so that they can succeed in life Casually picked it up after admiring his acting in Dum Laga Ke Haisha and this felt like reading his interview A humble tinseltown memoir a bit selfdeprecatory, a bit narcissistic. 3.5 StarsI'm a huge fan of Ayushmann Khurrana and have been following him since his Roadies days Through this book he talks about his journey on making it to tinseltown I'd say, his story will inspire many aspiring actors.I was put off by the sloppy editing and that might've ruined the otherwise good book. I have always enjoyed watching Ayushmann on TV. that's why I picked up this book But it turned out to be dull, he could have written it in ainteresting way There are long, long paragraphs that wind up on another page, and essential pauses are missing Could have done a better job than this.. I have been reading really heavy stuff, wanted something light Have always admired his acting in the movies, wanted to know his backstory as well It's written well, and is a really quick read. Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood by Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap is about how Ayushmann turned his dream into reality through hard work and perseverance and finally became an actor He was always passionate about acting from childhood He started from theatre during college, then went for reality shows like Popstars (singing show) Roadies 2 (winner), completed his education and moved to Mumbai, became RJ at BigFM, then VJ at MTv, started anchoring and finally acted in his first movie Vicky Donor and currently he is a well known actor and singer too On a personal front, he married Tahira (his girlfriend from college days) and their understanding is beautiful Each stage in his life has taught him a Code, and cracking those Codes has made him achieve his dream! These Codes are quite practical, basically can be applied to a lot of professions Overall a refreshing biography which shows that giving your best to everything that comes your way can actually help in reaching the right destination! The journey is what matters, so make the most of it! This short and crisp story is of 'the boy next door' who wanted to be an actor Whenever I see his movies, I've always come back with a smile With no background in Bollywood, a random smalltowner, with his hard work, perseverance, and genuineness he paved his way to his dreams I really enjoyed reading his accounts and the pattern he has woven through the book We may know many of those things/codes but we forget to follow/apply them in our lives, and he's put them in a nice simple way through his own life. 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