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Surprise Partners (Silhouette Special Edition No. 1318) They Were Neighbors Friends Acquaintances, Actually And About All Shy, Intense Lydia McKinley And Smooth, Ambitious Scott Pearson Had In Common Was Zero Tolerance For Romance And Two Matchmaking Sisters Bombarding Them With Blind Dates Still, Why Not Join Forces To Outmaneuver Their Siblings The Strategy Don Protective Camouflage Pose As Sweethearts At Social Occasions A Hug Here, A Kiss There, And They D Barricade Themselves Against A Barrage Of Misguided Matchmaking But Who Knew Their Casual Contact Would Trigger Such Explosive Embraces That Their Convenient Courtship Would Plunge Them Headlong Into A Minefield Of Most Convenient Desire

10 thoughts on “Surprise Partners (Silhouette Special Edition No. 1318)

  1. Saly Saly says:

    This one was meh I didn t care for the hero or the heroine and didn t see how they could make it work since they were both so absorbed in their jobs H h are neighbours caught up in their careers with no energy for romance Both of them had the WORST siblings ever who I wanted to punch because of their interference in their love lives Then we had a besotted stalkeri

  2. Nancy Nancy says:

    Way too slow..and boring TX setting but that was about it

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